In what might be the least shocking news of the day, Netflix has canceled Marvel's The Punisher after two seasons, according to Deadline.

Marvel's Jessica Jones, which will air its third and final season later this year, was also given the ax.

The cancellations officially end the Netflix-Marvel partnership.

The end of The Punisher comes just a month after Season 2 hit the streaming service, had nothing to do with the quality of the Jon Bernthal-led series. It also had nothing to do with how many subscribers watched or completed the season, which saw Bernthal's Frank Castle struggling with whether or not to embrace life as the Punisher. The decision has been made for him: The Punisher died so Disney+ could live.

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What does that mean you ask? Well, Disney is preparing to to launch its own streaming service, the aforementioned Disney+, in late 2019. In order to keep things in-house, Disney is severing ties with Netflix across the board (read: stream Avengers: Infinity War while you still can). The Punisher now joins Marvel's Iron Fist, Marvel's Luke Cage and Marvel's Daredevil in the discard pile. Deadline also reports that Marvel's Jessica Jones has been canceled, though we will get to see its third and final season air on Netflix. Once that kicks the bucket does, Netflix will officially be out of the Marvel business, and you'll have to turn to Disney+ for most of your Marvel TV needs. And honestly, is that so bad? We already know there's a Loki series on the horizon. And who doesn't love Loki?

Star Jon Bernthal didn't directly address the cancellation Monday morning, but posted an image from the comics on Instagram with a caption thanking the members of the armed services and law enforcement to whom Frank Castle means so much.

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Jon Bernthal, <em>The Punisher</em>Jon Bernthal, The Punisher