The Pauly D Project The Pauly D Project

Jersey Shore's first official spin-off is upon us: The Pauly D Project, starring Paul "Pauly D" Delvecchio, premieres Thursday at 10:30/9:30c on MTV.

Like Jersey Shore, the series prominently features three recurring themes: beats, booze and blowouts. But unlike Jersey Shore, this show refreshingly acknowledges that its star is famous — and celebrates it.

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The Pauly D Project

documents Pauly D.'s rise to success as a club DJ in Vegas, but gives equal weight to the Entourage-style relationship he has with his three oldest friends as they join him for the ride. And based on what we've seen so far, the posse of Rhode Island natives seems infinitely more lovable than his Shore co-stars. Hard to believe, we know!Below, meet Pauly's crew, their role in his burgeoning career, why you'll love them and why you won't. Paul "Pauly D" Delvecchio
His Role:
Pauly D. got his start at a local club in Rhode Island, but after joining Jersey Shore in 2009, he became a highly-sought-after DJ and TV personality.Why You'll Love Him: Despite how quickly he's risen to stardom, Pauly D. remains loyal to those that were with him from the beginning — and it doesn't just seem like a put-on for the cameras. Why You Won't: His signature catchphrases — like "the limos ahh heyahh" and "yeaaah, buddy," for instance — are used so often, it's almost unbearable.Memorable Quote: "At this point, Biggie's tending to Ryan, Jerry's taking care of the puking girl, and I'm doin' my thang with the Asian girl. Yeaaaa buddy! Welcome to Las Vegas."Michael "Biggie" MorganHis Role According to Pauly: "Biggie's been my mentor. He taught me how to spin. We've been DJing together for years. He's the Papa Bear of the family. He's always worrying about everybody."Why You'll Love Him: Papa Bear is right. Whether he's making sure the boys aren't drinking too heavily the night before a gig or serving as the peacemaker during alcohol-induced brawls, Biggie is the sweetheart of the group. Not to mention, he manages to be a loyal boyfriend in the City of Sin. Why You Won't: Honestly, there's nothing not to love about Biggie.Memorable Quote: "Pauly absolutely killed it. I look out in the crowd, and it's like — I'm a proud parent right now. I wake up every morning and I thank God that he's had these opportunities, and he's brought me along."

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Gerard "Big Jerry" Gialanella
His Role According to Pauly: 
"He's my security. He's my body. He's my dude. It's a war out there; I need Jerry to protect me."Why You'll Love Him: Between the shooting of the show's first and second episodes, Jerry got a new lease on life after losing 140 pounds. Seeing his newfound confidence and gusto is incredibly endearing. And while there's plenty of infuriating nonsense that comes with Pauly's fame (drunk groupies puking in elevators, for example), Jerry takes it in stride. He ends up carrying the groupies and putting them into cabs, ensuring they get home safe.Why You Won't: He breaks bro-code by jumping into the hot tub and callously interrupting a "romantic" moment between Ryan and a girl he brought home from the club.Memorable Quote: "We just go to the strip clubs for the chicken fingers."Ryan LabbeHis Role According to Pauly: "Ryan's our social director. We count on him to hook up our night. He's my best friend, my go-to wingman."Why You'll Love Him: He's well-dressed and... really nice to look at.Why You Won't: Ryan is combative, confrontational and starts unmerited fights with strangers wherever the group goes. He's a troublemaker who doesn't understand the meaning of "enough is enough" — especially when it comes to drinking.Memorable Quote: "When I'm drunk, I don't think twice about not saying something... I just say it."

Jason "JROC" Craig
His Role According to Pauly
: "JROC? He is responsible for all of 'dis. Just like we run Rhode Island — like, we're the guys to know — this is the guy."
Why You'll Love Him: We don't get to see much of him in the first few episodes, but it seems as though he's being a pretty gracious Vegas host, making sure the boys are taken care of.   
Why You Won't
: He's known as "Mr. Vegas" — enough said.
Memorable Quote: "Everybody's gonna be there, and everybody's watching. I want you to be you, do you, have a good time."

The Pauly D Project premieres Thursday, March 29 at 10:30/9:30c on MTV.