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In the Season 2 finale of The Path, Cal Roberts (Hugh Dancy) saw his status as the leader of Meyerism slipping away as Eddie Lane (Aaron Paul) returned to the compound with his group of Deniers and was welcomed back with open arms.

Season 3 — which premieres Jan. 17 — starts with a six-month time jump that finds Eddie firmly in place at the helm and Cal nowhere to be found. Eddie performed (what appears to be) a miracle that turned the flock toward him completely, and after that Cal took Mary (Emma Greenwell) and Forest and disappeared.

We can't tell you exactly where Cal went or what he's doing, but we can say that Cal's on the lowest rung he's ever been. The former leader of an international movement is now desperate for whatever cash he can scrounge and is using his spiritual skills and knowledge for some really rinky-dink ends. It's a long fall for a guy who once balled out of control and paid $5 million on a single building.

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The Path Season 3 premieres Wednesday, Jan. 17 on Hulu.

Hugh Dancy,<em> The Path</em>Hugh Dancy, The Path