Ed (Seth MacFarlane) is acting awfully strange in tonight's episode of The Orville.

In "Cupid's Dagger," a blast from Kelly's (Adrianne Palicki) past returns to her life, and it opens up old wounds between the once-married couple. That blast? The blue Lothario named Darulio who bedded Kelly in the series pilot, leading to Ed and Kelly's breakup.

While Ed is initially upset at his return, in this clip he seems... rather excited by it? In fact, he puts the past in the rear view and is now getting drinks with the guy and primping himself like he's about to go to prom. What's the deal here?

Well, given the title of the episode, we're guessing Darulio has a special power of seduction that has somehow gotten to Ed. Could this mean Ed might understand what made Kelly sleep with Darulio in the first place, opening the door for apologies and for them to get back together? We'll have to see.

The Orville airs Thursday nights at 8/7c on Fox.

Adrianne Palicki, Seth MacFarlane; The OrvilleAdrianne Palicki, Seth MacFarlane; The Orville