We're still not over the huge news that Caroline Forbes (Candice King) will make her first appearance on The Originals in the Season 5 premiere. It's an exciting turn of events considering there's always been some unresolved feelings between her and Klaus Mikaelson (Joseph Morgan).

Unfortunately, fans who have only watched The Originals and weren't avid The Vampire Diaries viewers missed out on some key components of Klaus' story that happened before the spin-off even began. Namely, his will-they, wont-they relationship with Caroline. Rather than go back and watch two full seasons of early TVD (which you should totally do, by the way, because that show holds up), we've got an easier option for you. (And for those of you out there who are Klaroline pros, there's no harm in revisiting the couple again, right?)

These are the top five scenes you should watch to understand Klaus and Caroline's history together before watching The Originals Season 5.

1. The Werewolf Bite — (Season 3, Episode 11)

The best place to start is often at the beginning of the story. Klaus and Caroline's first real scene together was when he gave her his blood to cure her werewolf bite from Tyler (Michael Trevino) — which Klaus was responsible for, but whatever — thus saving her life. Klaus just had to go and wax poetic about the beauty of the world and immortality though, and their connection in that moment was palpable. Palpable enough to launch a ship that's still going strong all these years later.

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2. The Little Blonde Distraction — (Season 3, Episode 15)

This sequence is a great one to watch because it pretty much encapsulates all the key elements of the Klaroline dynamic. Her friends were always trying to kill the Originals and vice versa, but Caroline usually found herself playing "Klaus bait" in those scenarios. Amidst all the madness and fake flirting, they both managed to realize that there was an undeniable chemistry between them that became harder and harder to deny each time she pulled the "little blonde distraction" move.

3. The Hybrid Bite — (Season 4, Episode 13)

Sheesh, Caroline sure got bit a lot in the early seasons of TVD. This time, her bite came from Klaus after she and her friends killed his brother, Kol (Nate Buzolic). When forced with the prospect of watching Caroline die, Klaus eventually gave in and healed her, but not before she dropped some real truth about why he wasn't too far gone to be redeemed. Anybody capable of love is capable of being saved, right?

4. The Goodbye — (Season 4, Episode 23)

Nothing says endgame like promising to be someone's last love, and that's pretty much what Klaus declared in his last episode as a TVD series regular. Before moving to New Orleans for good, Klaus had to stop by Caroline's high school graduation to say goodbye and let her know he was washing his hands of old grudges. But what this scene is best known for is Klaus' iconic declaration of his undying love (and patience). "He's your first love," Klaus told Caroline. "I intend to be your last."

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5. The Klarosex — (Season 5, Episode 11)

Come on... you didn't really think we were skipping that 100th episode scene did you? Sex scenes on TVD were always smokin' hot, but this one might take the cake. After years of denying her feelings, Caroline finally admitted how much she wanted Klaus, and it was a pretty epic milestone in their relationship. The key thing to remember about this scene (besides all the shirt-ripping goodness) is that Klaus made a promise never to return to Mystic Falls in exchange for Caroline being honest about her feelings for him. We've got a feeling that might come up again in The Originals Season 5.

Honorable Mention: The Horse Drawing

After a small but vocal uprising within the TV Guide office, it became clear an honorable mention needed to be added to the list in the form of the horse drawing Klaus gifted to Caroline. After a romantic interlude involving horses followed by a pretty frank discussion about the way Klaus tended to use and manipulate people, Caroline left the Mikaelson Ball in a huff. She returned home to find a drawing of her and a horse from Klaus, with an earnest note thanking her for her honesty at the bottom, and a thousand shippers simultaneously went, "Awwww!!"

If you still don't feel like you've got a good enough idea of Klaroline's history together, you can always just watch all the scenes they've ever shared together on YouTube thanks to one very passionate shipper.

The Originals premieres April 18 at 9/8c on The CW.

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