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The Originals' Charles Michael Davis on Marcel's Deepened Rift with the Mikaelsons

The Tunde Blade returns!

Megan Vick

The Mikaelsons are back!

The Season 4 premiere of The Originals saw the family of Original vampires woken up from their various afflictions. Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) found the werewolf venom she needed to cure Elijah (Daniel Gillies) and Kol (Nathaniel Buzolic) of their Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) bite. She woke up Freya (Riley Voelkel) to perform the magic spell -- giving Hayley all the reinforcements she needs to return to New Orleans to wake up Klaus (Joseph Morgan) so that her daughter Hope can finally meet her father.

However, New Orleans has become a very different city in the five years since the Mikaelsons fell. Marcel is still in charge, working with the witches to maintain peace and keeping Klaus as a prisoner of convenience. The first episode back proved that Marcel is a perfectly capable King of New Orleans, but that the issues between him and the Mikaelsons are far from healed. He still hasn't reached the point of being able to kill the vampire who sired him, but Marcel isn't close to forgiving Klaus or his siblings for all of the sins they've committed against Marcel and the people he cares about. In a fit of rage, Marcel re-stabbed Klaus with the Tunde Blade, leaving the latter unconscious as Elijah and Hayley prepare to return to the city to retrieve him.

TVGuide.com talked to Davis about the season premiere, Marcel's standing in New Orleans and what it would take to make a bridge between Marcel and the Mikaelsons. Check out his answers below.

Charles Michael Davis, The Originals​

Charles Michael Davis, The Originals

Annette Brown, Annette Brown/The CW

Marcel stabs Klaus again with the Tunde blade at the end of the episode, even though they obviously work well together. Is there any chance of reconciliation between these two?

Charles Michael Davis: That's a good question. From a personal standpoint speaking for Marcel, it's really tough when you want something from someone but they're not built for it... A big theme in literature [is] paralysis and an unwillingness to face one's self. In Six Degrees of Separation he talks about it, that to face one's self is the hardest thing to do. He'd rather push a guy out of a window or chop his head off with an axe or sock a guy in a jaw because he hates fist fighting. It's the other guy's face that scares him. These two would rather fight each other or throw each other out of a window or stab each other with a Tunde blade than sit down like, "Well, what's really going on with me? Maybe I'm projecting here." That's something that people can be in therapy with for a very long time.

[Marcel and Klaus] have been doing it for hundreds of years. They probably could continue to do it for a few hundred more. That's something that we'll see play out. How do they answer that? Maybe the best thing is a little space. Maybe they separate, but they're fighting for the city of New Orleans, so they are kind of bound together in the same room. We'll see what happens in Season 4. That question will be a main theme.

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Marcel seems pretty confident in his abilities to handle these new threats that are coming in and all of the people that want the Mikaelsons permanently gone. Is he going to stay confident or is something going to come in that makes him want some backup?

Davis: That's always a possibility. Those people that come in are x-factors and very uncertain. We don't know what they're going to bring to the table and they also bring with them a history that pre-dates Marcel. They are going to come in with demands or stories that he has no real relationship with and probably has to think on the fly. He'll have to get real creative. That's one of the great things you'll get to see in the first few episodes and throughout Season 4, just how creative he can be.

What can you say about Marcel's reaction when he realizes the rest of the Mikaelsons are also awake?

Davis: I'm sure it's probably one of those, "Oh s--t" moments, but not one that surprises him. He tries to be as prepared as possible for the unexpected. I think he prides himself on being an intelligent leader. I'm sure he knew the day would come because he didn't kill Klaus. I think part of him wants the Originals family back. They're just so entertaining. They're so much drama, so maybe he'll be a little relieved.

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What are Marcel's main goals at the start of the seasons? What is he trying to accomplish as the King of New Orleans?

Davis: When you say that, I imagine he's listening to some Tony Robbins and trying to be a better Marcel. He really wants to visualize and he's got a vision board. He wants to see those things come true. He's really using the law of attraction...[His goal] is just to maintain peace. That's always been his goal, to be king of the city and maintain peace and at times to find love, which was with Rebekah. Now, I think his goals are pretty streamlined and pretty simple. Those are the things that he's been fighting for since Season 1 -- control of the city and to be with Rebekah. Now he has control of the city and I think he's fine with managing that.

What are you most excited for fans to see this season?

Davis: The episode I directed, Episode 7! I am really, really excited because that's my directorial debut on television. It's a really great episode. I wish I could tell you more. There's a lot that happens and there's new characters that come in in that episode. I'm also really excited for people to see the other actors' episodes. Joseph's is Episode 4 and Daniel's is Episode 10. I'm excited for them to see every episode because the directors and the crew did a really great job with a shortened season of 13.

The Originals Season 4 is airing Fridays at 8/7c on The CW.

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