Move over, Kardashians! The Muppets are back, and they're about to get real.

Starting Tuesday, Sept. 22 (8/7c, ABC), Kermit & Co. will star on The Muppets, a behind-the-scenes look that documents the crazy ins and outs of working on the late-night talk show, "Up Late with Miss Piggy."

It's been more than a decade since the gang had their own TV series, and a lot has happened since then. By now, we've all heard about Kermit and Miss Piggy's breakup, but what else has changed? We've got the scoop on what your favorite Muppets are up to today:

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Miss Piggy The porcine prima donna is thrilled to be single again, but has she lost her taste for frog? So far, we've learned that she's been seeing human suitors that include Topher Grace and crooner Josh Groban. "This is going to be great for moi's stardom," Piggy told reporters at the Television Critics Association fall previews in August. "Now everybody's going to want to know, 'Ooh, ooh, who's Miss Piggy dating? Who is she getting caught snogging with?'"

Kermit the Frog You can't spell executive producer without "ex." Poor Kermit not only has to work with Piggy but also keep her happy while trying to produce a show. Fortunately, our frog has found a new pig to snuggle up to: ABC head of marketing Denise, who shares his Southern roots and appetite for yummy high-calorie food. In fact, those frog's legs are looking mighty plump these days. Maybe it's time for a juice cleanse or a Crossfit class or two?

Fozzie the Bear The comedian acts as warm-up guy and emcee for "Up Late with Miss Piggy." When he's not mangling a punch line, he's romancing his girlfriend Becky, whom he met online. Unfortunately, Becky's parents aren't quite sure if they want to welcome a bear — no matter how successful — into the family.

Gonzo The purple thing acted opposite Miss Piggy in Love Letters at the Fisher Theatre in Detroit. Currently, he's part of the writing staff for "Up Late with Miss Piggy." As for his girlfriend, the chicken Camilla, she appears to be out of the picture. Perhaps inspired by Fozzie's success, Gonzo is now trying online dating.

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Rowlf We'll see neither hide nor hair of the dog at first. That's because he's not working on Miss Piggy's show but running his own business, Rowlf's Tavern, across the street from the studio. After all, the gang needs a place to unwind after the demands of working with a high-maintenance hog!

Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem Who needs the Roots? (Sorry, Questlove.) Dr. Teeth is the bandleader for the show's in-house band that consists of Animal, Zoot, Janice, Lips and Floyd Pepper. Besides providing music for the show, they also jam with such musical guests as Imagine Dragons.

Pepe the Prawn and Rizzo the Rat Both are part of the writing staff for Piggy's show and balance out Gonzo's less inspired pitches. Rizzo is still on the lookout for a nice rat to romance, while the Spanish shellfish is as spicy as ever. With his four arms, he's also one of the most prolific writers on staff.

Scooter The mild-mannered geek has moved up in the world. Instead of a lowly gofer/P.A., he's now the talent booker for the show and is often tasked with finding last-minute guests to fit Piggy's whims. Dancing with the Stars host Tom Bergeron is a good guest to fall back on since he's on the same lot.

The Swedish Chef "Bork! Bork! Bork!" The incomprehensible chef handles the Craft Services on set... naturally.

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Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker The lab duo assist with the show's special effects and also act as the in-house science experts.

Uncle Deadly The sinister-looking Muppet has the unenviable task of being the head of wardrobe. That means doing everything possible to make sure Piggy looks good (without letting her learn her true size). Attention to detail and a thick skin are his greatest strengths.

Sam the Eagle The stern but patriotic bird keeps the writers in line by enforcing the network's broadcast standards. After all, censorship is the American way!

Bobo the Bear The big but bumbling bear has big responsibilities; he's the set manager for the show. When he's not trying to figure out how to obtain a crane strong enough to hoist Piggy, he's trying to help out his daughter with cookie sales.

Statler and Waldorf The elderly critics are still at it and have front-row seats for "Up Late," mainly so they can heckle Fozzie.

Sweetums The large, hairy ogre handles the cue cards as best he can.

The Muppets premieres Tuesday at 8/7 on ABC.

VIDEO: Josh Groban is ready to romance Miss Piggy

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