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Don't Expect a Traditional Happy Ending From The Mindy Project's Final Season

Happiness is relative

Lindsay MacDonald

As The Mindy Projectdraws to a close, it's time to start talking about how the show will end and where it will leave all the characters we love. Specifically, if Mindy will get the happy ending that she's been searching for since the series first began.

It seems like she kind of has. Sure, she hasn't become best friends with Beyoncé like she so clearly would have preferred, but she's had a child, she's gotten married, and she's found success in her career.

There's no telling whether the marriage will stick (anything is game in a final season), but even if it doesn't withstand the trials of Season 6, that doesn't mean Mindy won't have her happy ending. It just might not look like the traditional happily ever after we're used to from fairytales.

"I think that happily ever after can sometimes be romantic happiness or it can sometimes be contentment in your professional life and as a mom." Mindy Kaling told reporters at the Television Critics Association summer press tour. "Having everything tied up in a bow is not something we're interested in."

The Mindy Project to End After Season 6

Rather than ending the show with happiness and no loose romantic ends, Kaling and co-executive producer Matt Warburton say that they're more concerned with showing the journey Mindy has gone on and the growth she's achieved than picking a definitive ending for her.

"We've watched her grow and love and lose and have a child," Ike Barinholtz added. "Her perception of happiness has changed so much."

We can all cross our fingers that Mindy will achieve happiness in all senses of the word when the show comes to a close, but it's also reassuring to know that a show as funny as The Mindy Project can also leave us with a serious lesson about the complex meaning of happiness.

The Mindy Project premieres Sept. 12th on Hulu.

Mindy Kaling and Bryan Greenberg, The Mindy Project

Mindy Kaling and Bryan Greenberg, The Mindy Project

Evans Vestal Ward, Hulu