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The Masked Singer Elected to Send Bear Back to the Wild

The hockey skates were a dead giveaway

Mekeisha Madden Toby

The Masked Singerunveiled Group C, its third and final clump of cloaked competitors, Wednesday night and producers raised the stakes just that much higher when the identity of a very famous and unexpected personality got revealed. Nick Cannon teased the judges for being two for six this season and sadly, many of their guesses tonight didn't seem to be much stronger, even if the Bear -- who got sent home at the end -- turned out to be a pretty obvious guess. Here's what happened on the Bear's road to elimination:

Night Angel
The Night Angel has a strong and soulful voice akin to say a Kandi Burruss, a trait that stood out thanks to her choice of song, Bon Jovi's "You Give Love a Bad Name." She also bops with a confident strut and talked about embracing her duality and having her "tendrils in everything."

This week's clues: The list of items included a motel sign and four Grammys. Night Angel also used the words "prerogative" "deeply blessed" and "sweetness."

The guesses: JudgeJenny McCarthy thought it was R&B singer Monica while Robin Thicke guessed 1980s blue-eyed soul songstress Taylor Dayne. For the record, Monica has one Grammy. Last but not least, judge Nicole Scherzinger picked up Lil Kim vibes.


The Masked Singer

The Bear
Next up came the bear in purple, blue and pink glory. She's not much of a singer or a rapper but when she performed Sir Mix-A-Lot's "Baby Got Back," she used her undeniable sassiness to make up for her lack of lyricism. So maybe she's a reality star or a politician?

This week's clues: Thisis a diminutive contender. We saw a mat that read "Home Sweet Home" and a sign that read "Don't Wake the Bear." Hmm. She's said she's been scrutinized and we saw male hockey skates. There was a full house of cards and an elephant. This cuddly looking contestant mentioned being a mama bear, said she was coming out of hibernation and described herself as being a little "polarizing."

The guesses: Ken went out on a limb like only he can and proposed misunderstood skating star Tanya Harding because of the skates. He also said maybe it was Britney Spears. Meanwhile, Robin guessed Saturday Night Live alum Tina Fey. So Robin came the closest.

A melodic and warm voice gave boy band vibes as Astronaut sang Lauren Daigle's "You Say." The spaceman also gave off an air of vulnerability.

This week's clues: The Astronaut said he's always dreamt of flying high and there were explosions. We saw a Hawaiian lei and a small broom. He added that endless possibilities get his "heart throbbing" and as he crashed, he said it wasn't a "pitch perfect" landing.

The guesses: Comedic actor Adam DeVine, who was in the movie Pitch Perfect, came to mind for Ken and then he added that it could also be The Hunger Games star Josh Hutcherson. Jenny guessed former boy bander Lance Bass and a teary Nicole said heartthrob Zac Efron.


The Masked Singer

A fun and youthful voice belted out Pink's "So What" and had the audience dancing and cheering to the the beat. But who could it be?

This week's clues: We saw her with a squeaky doll baby and a map with the WEST and NORTH circled. Then there was a weird pink volcano happening as T-Rex said she was obscured and found on T-Rex Island among her sisterhood of friends. There was "U" balloon and added that a big event changed her world forever.

The guesses: Ken said he thought T-Rex was a Kardashian, possibly Kourtney Kardashian. Jenny thought she recognized Maddie Ziegler's voice. Nicole said "Friday" singer Rebecca Black.

This horned crooner is definitely a professional singer as he proved with a melodic and touching rendition of "Have A Little Faith In Me."

This week's clues: He said his exterior is tough but he's really a gentle giant. He said he was on top but the fame became an addiction. We saw a red bike, a pitcher of red drink and a guitar. Then, revving the bike like a motorcycle, he rolled over an album titled "Faith."

The guesses: Nicole guessed country star Tim McGraw but Ken and Robin thought it was former NFL star Tim Tebow. Jenny suggested Jason Aldean.

Perhaps it was the song choice -- Peggy Lee's "Fever" -- but this winged beauty sounds like she has more personality than singing ability.

This week's clues: We saw vampire fangs, a guy scream, a heart shaped inflatable and a ghost in a tree. She mentioned having fun and said she lives her life in "overdrive."

The guesses: Robin thought it was Sarah Michelle Gellar and Ken guessed actress Nina Dobrev but Nicole said the ghost clue conjured up the spirit of Jennifer Love Hewitt.

In the end, the Bear had the fewest votes despite having an abundance of charisma. And now we know why because it was former Alaska Governor and vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin. Wow! We didn't see that one coming at all. Great disguise, Bear! Great disguise.


The Masked Singer