Imagine living in a world full of magic where anything is possible. Now imagine how much it would suck to have that magic literally ripped away from you, leaving your world an endless void of awful. That's kind of where The Magicians finds itself when Season 3 premieres.

Magic is gone thanks to Quentin's (Jason Ralph) decision to kill a god, but there's one important exception to that rule: Julia's (Stella Maeve) still got a spark of magic left in her.

Sure, it's not exactly big or even manageable magic, but for some reason Julia can still get spells to work for her, and neither she nor Q have any idea why. Maybe it was just an unexpected byproduct of Our Lady Underground giving her her shade back? Maybe it's something terrible to do with Renard (Mackenzie Astin)? Or maybe she's got a pretty insane destiny waiting for her.

Our bet is on option number three, by the way.

The Magicians Season 3 premieres Jan. 10th at 9/8c on Syfy.