The first teaser for HBO's third and final season of The Leftovers wasn't exactly the most joyful thing that ever existed — the characters' dread over seeing "the end is near" plane-painted in the sky was still quite visible. But there was this juxtaposition of the Beach Boys' comforting "Don't Worry Baby" over the top of those silent character pans that might've encouraged a sense of optimism about the fate of the Garvey family and friends, much the way the second season's "Let the Mystery Be" theme song gave some snap to all those images of disappearing loved ones.

The second teaser? ... Yeah, it's not even playing that game anymore. In fact, the newest glimpse of HBO's cult-favored, existential drama makes it pretty clear that there are dark days ahead for the already-depressing and anxiety-inducing situation these people are in.

As the Garveys prepare to board the flight for Melbourne, the cozying drone of a flight attendant giving your humdrum safety instructions comes on the stereo, but there's a twist: This isn't the typical floatation devices and exit rows speech. Instead, the voiceover chipperly says, "While worldwide flooding is expected, we should be taking off before the rain begins. In the event of cabin decompression place your oxygen masks over your mouth as we all prepare to take our last breaths. Please be sure to keep your seatbelt fastened as everything you know and love will soon be gone."

Indeed, the deluge does set in to validate the dreary instructional, but here are a few other things you might've missed in this new glimpse of The Leftovers' final season.

Where are the kids?!

<em>The Leftovers</em>, HBOThe Leftovers, HBO

We see the customs agent checking Nora and Kevin's passports, but their children are nowhere to be seen. After everything they've been through, would these two actually put half a planet in between themselves and their youngsters? What gives?!

Is that Kevin Sr.?

<em>The Leftovers</em>, HBOThe Leftovers, HBO

If so, he looks like a lot more, erm, official than the last time we saw him. Compared to everyone around him, he doesn't look so looney tunes anymore.

Tom's the new sheriff in town, apparently.

<i style="">The Leftovers</i>, HBOThe Leftovers, HBO

Back in Jarden, Tom's now sporting an officer's uniform and helping to control the huddled masses of Guilty Remnant-ers. What could possibly go wrong?

Look, Ma! An arc!

<i style="">The Leftovers</i>, HBOThe Leftovers, HBO

The Biblical connections have always run kinda rampant on The Leftovers, but this might be the most direct association yet. As if we needed any extra imagery to draw the connection, here we have an obviously religious group (pilgrims?) looking up toward the sky, quite like our friends did in the first teaser, as their leader works on his arc. The question is, will Kevin Garvey be the new Noah?

Matt's gonna go ham on Kevin.

<i style="">The Leftovers</i>, HBOThe Leftovers, HBO

We see that preacher Matt is somehow surrounded by these tribal dancers who, just a guess, probably don't share the same tenets of faith as him. But how does that transpire into him beating Kevin down at a dock (which, by the way, cleverly positions a "no smoking" sign as a wink to the GR's favorite activity)? Either he's lost his mind once and for all, and who could blame him at this point, or he's helping Kevin return to the other side to try and answer some questions he might have about the forthcoming apocalypse.

One thing's for sure from all of this. The mystery might not be let "be" for much longer.

The Leftovers Season 3 will debut on HBO on Sunday, April 16th.