Enemies came together towards a common goal at the end of this week's The Last Ship, setting in motion what should be the conclusion of this season's first act: getting the kidnapped crew back to the Nathan James.

In a surprising and completely badass move, Tom (Eric Dane) decided to go off book by breaking into the home of Chinese President Peng Wu (Fernando Chien). The plan was to force Wu's hand so he would allow the James to refuel in Chinese waters, but Tom got more than he bargained for during the encounter.

The Last Ship: Tom Chandler takes back command

Towards the end of the meeting interrogation, Tom learns that he and Peng share a common enemy in pirate leader Takehaya (Hiroyuki Sanada). Turns out Peng has been working to eradicate his pirate problem since the cure was first discovered, and Takehaya is the worst of the worst. Given this, he has no problem giving Tom and the Nathan James a little aid in the form of a map that reduces the search area for the missing crew.

All of this was a clear-cut example of how nothing's cut and dry on The Last Ship this season. Yes, Tom wants revenge on Peng for trying to kill him, as well as answers to why the cure wasn't distributed properly in Asia. However, he wants Slattery (Adam Baldwin) and the rest of his crew back more.

The episode concluded with what's sure to be next week's sticking point, with the James trapped in a minefield at sea. Will it be able to pass the "roadblock" and make it to the hostages before the pirates drain what's left of their blood — which we now know they need in order to stave off the virus, because they didn't receive the cure as promised? Oh, how things always seem to tie back together on this show.

The Last Ship airs Sundays at 9/8c on TNT