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Here's What Would Have Happened If The Last Man on Earth Wasn't Canceled

Will Forte breaks down what would have happened in Season 5

Keisha Hatchett

Fox delivered a huge blow when it canceled The Last Man on Earth back in May, mainly because Season 4 ended on such a huge cliffhanger. The series wrapped with Tandy and the gang settling into a new home wrought with fruit trees and goats, and it seemed like the perfect settlement. However, they quickly find themselves face-to-face with a group of mysterious bunker survivors clad in yellow hazmat suits and then the episode cuts to credit. Understanding what a frustrating note that is to end the show on, Will Forte dropped by the Good Onepodcast to break down just what would have happened had the series been renewed for a fifth season.

"Basically [the hazmat group] had been in this bunker and they went down when the virus had first started," Forte explained, per Pajiba. "They had some kind of medical expert or scientist who knew, 'At this certain point, the virus will be dormant. You'll be safe to get back out.' Then they see a bunch of stragglers -- us. And we represent a real threat to them, because they'd thought everything was dead, so they quarantine us."

And while those strange suits may have come off as intimidating at first, Forte added that they're actually "very nice people. They look scary but they end up being nice people... And eventually, we'd all get comfortable with each other, and they would kind of let one person out. They wouldn't be scared anymore."

But as what tends to happen on the show, things would go south very quickly. Since Tandy's group is immune to the virus that wiped out most of humanity despite being carriers, they would have started to infect the new group (which would include a few celebrities), who would then drop like flies. "And so we would infect them and they'd die like wildfire. And then we're back to just us. And maybe one famous person we could talk into staying around," Forte added.

Not a very happy ending for the hazmat mafia but at least Tandy's gang would have lived to fight another day!