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The Last Man on Earth Exclusive: Carol Predicts the End of the Group

But she's crafty around a morgue!

Tim Surette

The survivors in The Last Man on Earth have lived by one of Lost's golden rules: live together, die alone. And so far, they've lived by it on a mostly steady basis, whether it was in a mansion in Tucson, an RV driving across the United States or a beach house in Malibu.

Now the group is settling into Zihuatenejo, Mexico, a charming little seaside town that only has a few thousand body bags lying around. But with new digs come new opportunities for living quarters, and as the members of the group seek normalcy, they've decided to live in different parts of town.

That doesn't sit too well with Carol (Kristen Schaal), who just outfitted the local hospital into a new living space for everyone by dusting off the ol' autopsy table and bleaching most of the blood off gowns to form new curtains. When the others announce their intentions to live somewhere that isn't soiled with the dead, Carol has an ominous prediction for them all. Gulp!

How will Carol try to keep the group together? Knowing this show, some extreme (and extremely silly) measures.

The Last Man on Earth airs Sunday nights at 9:30/8:30c on Fox.