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The Great Renewed for Season 2 at Hulu


Lindsay MacDonald

It turns out Hulu's hilarious new series The Great was great enough to get a second season pickup! Hulu has announced that it has officially renewed the series for Season 2.

From the mind of The Favourite's Tony McNamara, The Great is a historical satire of the famous Russian coup led by Catherine the Great (Elle Fanning). Season 1 told the story of her early days as the Empress of Russia and the wife of Emperor Peter III (Nicholas Hoult). After quickly deducing that Peter is an imbecile incapable of ruling a country, Catherine decides it is her destiny to overthrow her husband and bring about a new, enlightened age for Russia. Helping her along the way is a colorful cast of characters that includes a mouthy maid, a nervous courtier, a drunken general, and Catherine's own lover. 

Season 1 ended with Catherine and her band of rebels taking action and officially launching their revolution. The result of their hostile takeover will now make excellent fodder for Season 2, and we can't wait to see how this delightfully irreverent series will tackle her early days as a ruler. 

The Great is now streaming on Hulu.

Elle Fanning, The Great

Elle Fanning, The Great

Andrea Pirrello/Hulu