[Warning: This post contains spoilers for the Season 3 premiere of The Good Fight.]

No show resists harder than CBS All Access' The Good Fight.

Serving up biting commentary and sharp-edged satire, the searing series takes an unflinching approach to the incredulity of today's absurd cultural climate, which often feels more like a glitch in the system than actual reality. Building on last season, which roasted Trump's pee tape scandal through a clever use of manipulated audio, the series is set to detach from reality like never before.

Season 3 delves further into surrealism as the firm must now navigate a changed world that favors colorful storytelling over factual evidence. Blurring the lines between fiction and reality, this season will embrace the ridiculousness of it all with Shakespearean soliloquies and even a bit of singing.

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"It's a zanier tone, and we're not necessarily in naturalism and reality anymore," Sarah Steele told TV Guide. "In Season 2, we were living in the disorientation of Trump, where everything had a feeling of 'Is this real or not?' when we were all getting used to living under the Trump presidency. Now we're taking that a little bit further to where it's just maybe funnier, like it's so absurd you have to laugh. "

Continuing its efforts to infuse its bombastic fictional plotlines with stories ripped from the headlines, the new season will see Lucca (Cush Jumbo) help a woman claiming to be Melania Trump who wants to rewrite her post-nuptial agreement. The Good Fight will also tackle the #MeToo movement through founding partner Carl Reddick (Louis Gossett Jr.), who is posthumously exposed as a sexual predator. The scandal puts Reddick, Boseman & Lockhart in a difficult position and some will work to preserve the firm's reputation, even if that means protecting a serial assaulter, which won't sit well with Marissa Gold.

Sarah Steele, <em>The Good Fight</em>Sarah Steele, The Good Fight

"Marissa is coming against a lot of problems with people not being totally upfront and honest about that in favor of protecting the firm. And she is not someone who likes keeping her mouth shut, so I think she is definitely struggling with that," Steele explained.

Marissa will also square off against the firm's newest attorney Roland Blum (Michael Sheen), a Machiavellian figure based on Trump's former mentor Roy Cohn. "Michael Sheen's character is not a fan of women who are able to speak up for themselves, so they definitely clash," Steele teased.

See how it all goes down when The Good Fight kicks off its third season Thursday, March 14, exclusively on CBS All Access.

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