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The Gifted: Don't Expect to See the X-Men Anytime Soon

The opening scenes look awesome, though

Megan Vick

The mutants arrived in full force on Saturday afternoon at San Diego Comic-Con -- but they aren't X-Men.

During The Gifted the panel, executive producer and showrunner Matt Nix clarified that The Gifted shares the same universe as the X-Men, as well as some characters, but they are not necessarily in the same timeline -- so don't expect a crossover. The show is doing its own thing for the time being.

Nix also added that the show will explain why the X-Men aren't around, and promises it's more than they are too expensive to be on TV, though that's a related reason for them not appearing in the series.

The Gifted

The Gifted

X-Men or no X-Men, The Gifted looks pretty impressive. In the opening scenes shown, Polaris (Emma Dumont), Thunderbird (Blaire Redford) and Eclipse (Sean Teale) track down Blink (Jamie Chung) to recruit her into their group before the cops find her and her abilities. Unfortunately, the black and blue show up just as they're about to make their escape and the mutants are forced to show their powers to be able to escape -- and it is awesome. Unfortunately, the powers aren't enough to stop Polaris from getting caught.

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Flash forward 14 hours and Reed (Stephen Moyer) and Caitlin Strucker (Amy Acker) are threatening to sue their son's school because they are ineffective in stopping the other kids from bullying him. Reed can't make it all the way through the meeting though before he's called to see a high-profile new capture -- Polaris.

It turns out that Polaris and her friends are part of a mutant underground that has aided and abetted "dozens, if not hundreds" of other mutants in escaping the government. Polaris isn't willing to cave until Reed shows her a mystery document and promises to ask the court to assign her a lawyer. She's not listening though, because she's too busy freaking out and telepathically throwing furniture into the two way mirror on the wall.

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Polaris of course isn't the only mutant in close proximity to Reed. His son Andy (Percy Hynes White) decides to sneak out to try and be a normal kid -- but when his bullies target him at a school dance, his powers come out in full force. Turns out Andy has insanely powerful telekinetic powers. Luckily, his sister Lauren (Natalie Alyn Lind) has forcefield powers that helps her get through the wreckage of Andy's freakout and get her brother to safety before everyone realizes he's responsible for the chaos.

The Gifted premieres Monday, Oct. 2 at 9/8c on Fox.