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The Gifted Just Dropped a Huge X-Men Hint

Johnny, you got some 'splainin to do

Lindsay MacDonald

The Gifted has been slowly but surely dropping hints about what happened to the X-Men and the Brotherhood during its first season, but we still only know so much. The only thing we can be sure of is that both groups disappeared under mysterious circumstances and no one knows where they are -- or at least almost no one.

Johnny (Blair Redford) revealed in tonight's episode that the X-Men left him in charge of the resistance when they decided to go underground. Before they disappeared, they also mentioned "a war was coming," an ominous premonition which seems to be coming true. And as anyone familiar with the X-Men universe knows, the X-Men were always fighting a war on two fronts: the war against the Brotherhood, a band of evil mutants bent on world domination, and a war against bigoted humans, who perceived them to be dangerous freaks who deserved to be exterminated.

It's easy to assume that the war the X-Men mentioned to Johnny was of the latter variety, considering the political climate surrounding mutants in The Gifted. With Sentinel Services hunting mutants down for every slight offense and locking them up under conditions that absolutely violate their civil rights, its easy to see how the X-Men might have considered this struggle a war.

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The scarier possibility is that this future battle will be one fought between mutants, as the more sinister branches of Sentinel Services turn more and more people with these gifts to their side through some form of brainwashing, as we already saw them do with Pulse.

It also stands to reason that if anyone knows where the X-Men are -- or at least how to contact them -- it's Johnny. If and when any of these superheroes decided to pay a visit to rural Atlanta, you can expect he'll be the first one to know.

The Gifted airs Mondays at 9/8c on Fox.

Blair Redford, The Gifted

Blair Redford, The Gifted

Eliza Morse/FOX