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Watch The Gifted's First Six Minutes, See Tons of Mutant Powers

Plus, a nod to the X-Men movies

Lindsay MacDonald

If you were worried The Giftedwas going to be a let down when compared with the larger-than-life mutant powers of the X-Men universe, we suggest you watch the newly released first six minutes of the pilot. This sneak peek is seriously going to blow your mind.

In the first few minutes alone, we get a look at four awesome mutants. Blink (Jamie Chung) seems to have an unreliable -- but no less impressive -- ability to create portals that transport her wherever she wants. A handy trick to have when you're running from the cops, no?

Thunderbird's (Blair Redford) power is harder to nail down, but he appears to have super senses, allowing him to see and sense things a normal human can't.

The Gifted Puts a Timely Spin on Its Discrimination Storyline

His brother Eclipse (Sean Teale) wields the power of light, sometimes as harmless as a flashlight and sometimes dangerous enough to blind an entire platoon of police officers. His girl, Lorna (Emma Dumont), has a very familiar ability to those who have experience with the X-Men films. She can control metal, which she does to excess when fighting off the police, though it eventually gets her captured.

So are you totally hooked after seeing the first few scenes of the series?

The Gifted premieres Monday, Oct. 2 at 9/8c on Fox.

Jamie Chung, The Gifted

Jamie Chung, The Gifted