From bringing a gun to school to attempting to kill himself in Mariana's bedroom — not to mention sending Jesus (Noah Centineo) to the hospital with a reactivated brain injury — Nick (Louis Hunter) was at the center of a lot of drama for the Adams Foster family last season on The Fosters. But guess what? You ain't seen nothing yet.

Despite Nick's appeals to Mariana (Cierra Ramirez) in the season finale that he has finally seen the light, he'll still be causing trouble in upcoming episodes. Lots of trouble.

Executive producer Bradley Bredeweg tells us that Nick will have at least one "shocking, surprising and haunting" moment this season.

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What else could he possibly have up his sleeve? We can't give that away... But the new twist is enough to bring Nick's overbearing father back into the fray. Uh-oh.

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