The Fostersfans got good news on the Season 3 premiere when they learned that Jesus (Jake T. Austin) is actually alive following a deadly car crash. The bad news? The character is being recast. has confirmed that a new actor that has yet to be cast will take over the role after Austin's decision to exit earlier this year. "The announcement [about who it is] will be forthcoming, but right now [Jesus] is at boarding school wrestling to his heart's content and we'll be checking in with him," executive producer Peter Paige told us. "It'll be a little while [before we see him]."

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Most viewers assumed the finale's deadly crash would allow for Austin's exit, but it turned out everyone survived. Let's just hope the drama of Mariana losing her virginity to Callie's ex, Callie being fired, and Jude and Connor coming out will keep anyone from noticing their brother looks a little different these days!

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