Callie (Maia Mitchell) and Aaron (Elliot Fletcher) are going on a road trip on the next episode of The Fosters, and it's going to bring them a lot closer.

It's Aaron's father's birthday and he asks Callie to accompany him to Los Angeles to serve as a buffer at a family dinner that turns very contentious. It becomes clear that Aaron's parents have not found a way to accept him as a transman, and their insensitive comments are too much for Callie to take.

"[Callie] has a greater understanding of how strong Aaron is [after the episode]," Mitchell tells "The fact that he's come from this environment that hasn't supported him, that hasn't nurtured that part of him. She has a deeper respect for how strong he is and how much he's been through and how much he's had to overcome."

Maia Mitchell and Elliot Fletcher, <em>The Fosters</em>Maia Mitchell and Elliot Fletcher, The Fosters

Aaron has been someone whom Callie can rely on all season, but this episode will give the two friends a chance to reverse roles, meaning she'll be the one who is able to be there for Aaron when things get really difficult — which is why he asks her to tag along in the first place.

"Aaron is definitely letting Callie see a side of him I'm sure not a lot of people see," Fletcher says. "It definitely will bring them closer. It'll strengthen their relationship for sure."

Outside of Callie and Aaron's relationship progression, the episode is also a lesson for trans youth and their parents who are trying to understand each other. Fletcher, who is also a trans man, hopes that the episode can help break down those barriers of communication for families who are in the same position as Aaron and his parents.

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"I do hope that trans youth — trans teens and people that are figuring that out — get something out of it and realize that their friends and their family can support them. It's never too late," Fletcher explains.

"I do want parents of trans kids to be watching and realize how easily that negativity can affect your kid, especially if your kid is trans," he continues. "You see in the preview that it is heated and they haven't fully accepted him yet. That can really take a toll on a trans kid or a transperson when your family doesn't support you. I hope that also the older people watching the show, maybe parents, can watch ... this episode and realize how important and vital it is to support your kid no matter what."

Aaron and Callie's Los Angeles trip episode of The Fosters airs Tuesday at 8/7c on Freeform.