The Flash may have recently ended its third season, but we're already looking ahead to the future. That's because we have an idea of who the next villain might be.

Clifford DeVoe, also known as Thinker, is reportedly going to be next season's big bad, according to TV Line. We previously noted the possibility of that happening since he's been teased several times on the show. Back in March, an Earth-19 metahuman named Abra Kadabra listed him among The Flash's greatest foes. He was again name-checked during a May episode in which Savitar revealed that he's the reason Cisco and company developed the cerebral inhibitor.

So far, we know that there definitely won't be a villainous speedster next season, so that leaves DeVoe as the prime candidate for the main baddie. Comic fans are already familiar with his backstory but for those who aren't, here's everything you need to know about him.

He wasn't always bad.

Like Matt Murdock and Laurel Lance, he started off as a promising district attorney. Unlike them, however, he turned to a life of crime after screwing up his first major case and watching his career fade away. One drunken night, he offered his services to a local mobster named Hunk Norvock as a "thinker," or someone who can manipulate the law to keep him out of prison. He eventually adopts Thinker as an official monker and makes a living helping out small-time villains.

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He's good with gadgets.

The Flash is the first to ever imprison DeVoe, thus making them mortal enemies. Thinker devotes his time to taking down the crimson hero and develops a series of gadgets as a result. His most well-known is the Thinking-Cap — a metal helmet which grants him the powers of telekinesis and mind control. With both Barry and Cisco incredibly adept at science and technology, this could make for one interesting battle of the brains.

He fits into the show's timeline with ease.

With help from Fiddler and Shade, he takes control of Keystone City (which would be Central City in this case) and kidnaps the original Flash before being defeated by two other versions of The Flash. In the Season 3 finale, Barry entered the Speed Force leaving Jay Garrick and Wally West to guard the city, so this storyline could easily be reworked to fit the series.

He's a reformed bad guy.

Thinker receives a full pardon after taking on a mission from the Suicide Squad. After that, he dedicates his life to performing good deeds and even strikes up a friendship with his former enemy, Garrick. Unfortunately, he develops terminal cancer linked to his Thinking-Cap, but manages to find peace in the end.

Who would you like to see play him? The Flash returns to the CW in the Fall.

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