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What's the New The Flash Team Member's Secret?

The new Harrison Wells has some mystery to unwind

Noel Kirkpatrick

It's a new season of The Flash, and that can only mean one thing: A new version of Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh) for us to to get to know and love... or hate... or some combination thereof. With Harry of Earth-2 wanting to stay home and repair the damage the villainous Zoom did last season, Cisco (Carlos Valdes) and Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) decided to hold Harrison auditions.

So "The New Rogues" introduced us quite a few Harrisons, from a quiet a few different Earths. We had Wild West Wells, or "Hell's Wells." Then there was Terra-Prime British steampunk-y Wells. There was mime Wells. And, finally, there was the Harrison Wells of Earth-19, H.R. He's a fast-talker and dresses a little bit like what I imagine "edgy" street magicians dress like.

And now, in the time-honored tradition of The Flash, it's time to play everyone's favorite game: who or what is this Harrison Wells going to to be? Season 1's Harrison ended up being a clever Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash misdirect. Season 2's Harrison could've been anyone but he ended up being just Earth-2's Harrison Wells, albeit a bit of a lovable jack wagon.

Below are a few potential ideas for who this new Wells could be -- but, of course, you should sound off with your own theories.

1. He's Earth-19's greatest inventor

In the comics, Earth-19 is a world on the cusp of modernity as electricity is helping to usher in that world's industrial revolution. While The Flash doesn't follow the comics' sense of the alternate Earths -- Earth-2, after all, isn't war-scarred from Darkseid invasions, instead opting for a more Golden Age of comics, art deco style -- it doesn't mean that the show won't always follow it. I dig the idea of H.R. as a sort of Tesla of Earth-19: a man who creates great things but is waiting for the world to catch up to him. Plus, I love the notion of Team Flash visiting Earth-19 and dressing up in slightly fashion-forward Edwardian garb.

2. He's Abra Kadabra

Abra Kadabra is a kind of a silly Flash villain (all non-speedster villains tend to be kind of silly; it's why we love them), but in the hands of Cavanagh and the team behind The Flash, there's some fun to be had with villain, especially in a season when Alchemy is already on everyone's mind. Abra is a magic-based villain, but in early versions, his "magic" was taken from 64th technology that just seemed liked magic to those in the 20th and 21st century. So maybe this Wells/Abra is a time traveler and an Earth-hopper, one that will be intrigued by Alchemy's power-granting agenda.

3. He's Thinker

Deep cut, I know, but Thinker's an old-school Flash villain who used a "Thinking Cap" -- it was the 1940s, what do you want from me? -- for telekinesis and mind control. Clearly H.R.'s got the technology chops to make such a device, if not make it a little less obvious-looking. And if he thinks as fast as he talks, I don't see why he couldn't be a spin on this relatively obscure villain.

4. He's a thinly-veiled H.G. Wells

I mean, it's sort of the obvious choice, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't dismiss it out of hand. Perhaps on Earth-19, H.R.'s a science fiction writer and genius who theorized/made up "meta-hominids" and wrote fantastical tales about their exploits that have thrilled readers of his Earth. Now, with the chance to see actual ones, he's a kid in a candy store, more interested in getting new ideas for his next novel than he is necessarily in helping out Team Flash save the world.

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