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The Flash Is Available to Rent or Buy From Amazon Prime Video

The Flash, the wildest and most shocking superhero movie of the year, finally speeds into your home

Phil Owen

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Warner Bros.

The overall DC movieverse has been in flux for a while, but that hasn't stopped DC Studios from putting out some quality films that stand on their own over the past few years. So even though that big picture is missing, it doesn't prevent The Flash from working pretty darn well as a fun, standalone, Back to the Future-style romp through the events of Man of Steel. But now that its theatrical run has mostly wrapped up, it's time for The Flash to come home. And you can rent or buy the film now on Amazon Prime Video. It costs $25 to buy and $20 to rent, so it probably makes more sense to just buy it.

In The Flash, the titular hero Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) goes back in time to save his mom from dying when he was a kid--but it results in a new universe without Superman. Oh, and General Zod is on Earth, ready to turn it into New Krypton just like he tried to in Man of Steel, but this time there's no one powerful enough to even put up a fight. But there is, at least, Barry's own younger self, Supergirl, and also a Batman--Michael Keaton's, from the 1989 Tim Burton film. He's old, but he's still got a few tricks and lots of expensive tech.

The Flash was directed by Andy Muschietti, previously best known for the It movies, and stars Miller and Keaton alongside Sasha Calle as Supergirl, Ben Affleck as the other Batman, Michael Shannon as General Zod, and Ron Livingston and Meribel Verdu as Barry's parents.

The Flash has faced scrutiny for over a year due to a variety of legal incidents involving star Ezra Miller. The actor was arrested twice in Hawaii on harassment and assault charges, pled guilty to trespassing after being charged with burglary, and has been accused of grooming a minor, among other incidents. The minor in question, now an adult, disputes the grooming allegation. In August 2022, Miller announced they were seeking treatment for "complex mental health issues." Later, in January, The Flash studio Warner Bros. announced that they were standing behind the actor. You can read more about the issues surrounding Miller here.

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