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The Flash's Hartley Sawyer Teases Ralph's 'Obsession' With Sue and Blackhole Answers

What's up with her and Blackhole anyway?

Lindsay MacDonald

The first meeting of Ralph Dibny (Hartley Sawyer) and Sue Dearbon (Natalie Dreyfuss) -- aka Sue Dibny in the comics -- wasn't exactly the stuff of great romance. Nevertheless, it did leave us with a desire to see more of these two The Flash characters together, if only so we could get some answer about what the hell Sue is up to! Luckily, Hartley Sawyer says answers are on the way!

When we last left off with this story, Sue had just tricked Ralph into helping her steal a diamond before leaving him in the clutches of yet another Blackhole assassin. That blow to his pride will obviously still be stinging a little in upcoming episodes of The Flash.

"When we last saw him in [Episode 12], he had been kind of betrayed by Sue, and it was very unexpected for him," Sawyer told TV Guide. "It left him with a lot of anger at that time and a lot of not so good feelings towards her, and I think really threw another log on the fire of this obsession of needing to find out what is she all about, what is really going on with her... I think, since we last saw him that obsession has kind of gone up another notch. But there's also a lot going on for him in terms of, I think, he's in some ways angrier with himself. 'How could I not see this coming', you know?... I think that's something that has kind of haunted him since he met Sue."

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When a mystery like Sue haunts a detective like Ralph, there's really only one course of action: Find answers! Those answers will be coming, but Sawyer warns fans that all may not be what it seems when it comes to Sue.

"He will get a couple of answers, and I think for every answer that he gets, he gets like two or three more questions. Some of them impact Team Flash as a whole, some of them impact just his journey as an individual character," said Sawyer. "There are certain things that we introduced in the first eight episodes of the season, pre-Crisis, that are going to come back in a way that it might seem like a small thing but it's going to blow up and be a huge, huge thing. So there's a lot of unexpected stuff that is coming there, and in terms of Blackhole, it's a pretty apt name for the organization, because it just kind of starts to pull everything into it in ways that you don't expect."

Right now Blackhole, the mysterious ring of assassins plaguing Season 6, has remained elusive for Team Flash, but as we enter the remaining four episodes before the show goes on hiatus (due to production shutdowns amid the spread of COVID-19), we're going to be on the lookout for clues. We might even rewatch the beginning of the season to pick out these hints that were apparently dropped back when!

Additional reporting by Megan Vick.

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

Hartley Sawyer and Natalie Dreyfuss, The Flash

Hartley Sawyer and Natalie Dreyfuss, The Flash

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