Back in the mid-season finale, Savitar gave Team Flash a little prophecy: One person would betray them, one person would die, and one person would suffer a fate worse than death. A good chunk of this prophecy was fulfilled this week in "The Wrath of Savitar."

The team has been doing what it can to stop Iris (Candice Patton) from dying at the hands of Savitar, and her death would certainly satisfy that little bit of the prophecy. Since attempting to change the future hasn't been working out so well — Savitar considers their work to be feeble — Iris's fate continues to be a question mark on the show. Indeed, I would think that if they had really done enough, the future that Wally (Keiynan Lonsdale) and Cisco (Carlos Valdes) visit would have been different in some way — and it wasn't.

If Iris is the one to die, she's been the primary concern regarding the prophecy. And understandably so since she's Barry's (Grant Gustin) girlfriend/fiancée (albeit for death-preventive purposes) But the betrayer and the sufferer have been forgotten in all the Irispoint hubbub.

Within this week's episode, there are actually two betrayals. Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) kept a shard of the philosopher's stone, hoping she could tap into its power and reverse her Killer Frost abilities. Certainly, in retrospect, it's a betrayal; as keeping that shard proved to be Savitar's salvation from whatever pocket hell in the Speed Force Barry eventually trapped him in. Of course, if she hadn't kept the shard, then when Barry flung the philosopher's stone in the Speed Force earlier, Savitar would've escaped a lot sooner.

The other betrayer could be tormented Wally, since he's the one who ends up flinging the shard into the Speed Force, thus giving Savitar the way out of his cage. But this seems like an unknowing betrayal. He didn't know that Savitar needed that last little piece. Barry had banished him from him S.T.A.R. Labs, when all this was revealed.

Which leads us to the sufferer. While Iris's death seems a good candidate to drive Barry to encounter such a fate, that almost seems too easy, too trite of a way to fulfill things. If he's not the betrayer, then Wally's certainly the sufferer, at least for the moment. Trading places with Savitar inside an inescapable part of the Speed Force certainly seems like it would be a fate worse than death, especially if Wally ends up stuck there for a while. Should the team be able to retrieve Wally — but how, without plunging someone else into that hell? — then someone else is likely in for a very unpleasant existence at some point this season.

Getting trapped in that Speed Force prison does lend a bit of credence to my Wally-as-Savitar theory, though this episode does poke a couple of holes in, too. Provided they can't get him out, or provided they do and Wally is very changed because of it (maybe he ODs on Speed Force exposure and gets too fast?) and they end up tossing him back in there when Barry can't kill him. Pile on Savitar's explanation that he created himself and then his talk of how he manipulated Wally into getting speed powers as a result of Flashpoint, and, blammo, Savitar created himself.

Lines like "I'm the future, Flash" also seemed to carry some weight. It plays into Wally's desire to be a hero and probably take over for Barry. Adding some credibility to the idea? Read the line without the comma: "I'm the future Flash." Yeah. Yeah.

However, Savitar's talk of destroying Central City in the future undermines the theory a good bit, unless Wally goes onto become a recurring bad guy beyond this season; and The Flash is playing a very long game here. (And I don't really know if Wally loves a good myth the same way Savitar does.) The timeline makes Wally-as-Savitar somewhat potentially clunky, but the future is an awfully vague concept, and it's not clear just how far down the timeline things go truly sour between Barry — and whomever Savitar may end up being.

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