Bridey's covert paternity test on last week's episode of The Family revealed that Adam (Liam James) is, at the very least, not John's (Rupert Graves) son. But for all you skeptics out there, creator and executive producer Jenna Bans promises that the Adam who returned is not the Adam who was kidnapped. So... who is he then?

"You will get a lot of answers in Episodes 6 [this Sunday] and 7," Bans tells "He is definitely not Adam. That's not a secret or anything we're hiding. We've been hinting at that since the beginning. We're not tricking anyone, I promise. You'll see in these episodes this boy's real identity, and how and why he's now Adam."

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Sunday's episode will show exactly how the kidnapping went down 10 years ago, while the next installment will unfurl the events of the week leading up to Adam's return and — perhaps most tellingly — replay parts of the pilot from Willa's (Alison Pill) perspective.

"[These episodes] will blow your mind about Willa. We're going to learn about all aspects of Willa — her sexuality, her capacity for emotional relationships, why she's as shut down as she seems. We're going to learn about her involvement in this boy's return," Bans says. "She is a huge, huge driving force of the series and the story, which is something we always knew before we began. Willa is the key to everything. It's something Alison Pill also knew. ... In Episode 7, we go back and look at the pilot from her point of view and we'll get to see scenes that we've seen, but we'll now read them in a totally different way, which will be very, very cool."

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