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The Daily Show's Trevor Noah Weighs In on Pepsi Ad: More Brands Need to Be Woke

See his suggestions for how

Sadie Gennis

Late night had a field day on Wednesday with Kendall Jenner's Pepsi ad, in which the reality star mended the relationship between protesters and police through the power of Pepsi.

As soon as the ad was released on Tuesday, it received such swift and critical backlash that Pepsi wound up pulling it after less than 24 hours. The whole debacle was ripe for comedy, and so it's no surprise that each late night host took their shot at it. Seth Meyers showed an incredibly dark, alternative ending for the ad, Stephen Colbert joked that the protest featured in the commercial was for Attractive Lives Matter, but Trevor Noah was a bit more understanding of Pepsi's intentions.

"Now the whole ad was a little tone-deaf," Noah admitted on Wednesday's The Daily Show, "but the part where people really lost it is when Kendall Jenner hands a Pepsi to a police officer in a scene that looked a lot like the iconic image of Iesha Evans being arrested at a Black Lives Matter protest.

"But to be honest with you guys, I don't understand why Pepsi got hammered so hard. In fact, all brands need to become more woke," Noah declared, before listing of a string of increasingly ridiculous suggestions. "Let's see Coca-Cola address climate change. Let's have a wedding for Mr. and Mr. Clean. ... When your country's divided between black and white, bring them together with Oreos."