On Thursday's Daily Show, host Trevor Noah and "Senior Trump Analyst" Roy Wood Jr. made an observation that's so obvious and accurate that it makes everyone else look a little dumb for not jumping on it last summer, when the presumptive Republican nominee began his Presidential run: Donald Trump is basically a rapper.

"Everything Trump says is straight out of a rapper's playbook," Wood says. "He brags about his money, he's disrespectful to women, and there's always fights at his concerts."

There's also the flamboyant, over-the-top posturing, the insulting of rivals and the constant spouting of whatever bull pops into is mind, all very hip-hop things to do. He's like an orange Rick Ross.

To prove his point, Roy Wood Jr. premiered the first single by his alter ego Black Trump: "They Love Me," whose lyrics are entirely composed of real Trump quotes. It's pretty catchy, and it has a hilarious tie-in website, yourboyblacktrump.com, where you can download the single and follow Black Trump on Snapchat.

And for the record, rapper Mac Miller made a song bragging about how he's rich like Donald Trump back in 2011. "They Love Me" is a better track, though.