Robert Michael Morris Robert Michael Morris

He Plays: Mickey Deane, personal hairdresser and trusty confidant to has-been actress Valerie Cherish (Lisa Kudrow) on the HBO comedy The Comeback. "Mickey isn't just a great friend to Valerie," Robert Michael Morris says. "He's much more like a mother — and he has the patience of a saint." Make that a Saint Bernard. "We should all have a pal who is as unconditionally loyal," he adds. "Fans always say, 'Valerie is so mean to Mickey!' but he doesn't see it that way. He would walk through fire for her."

Where You've Seen Him: Morris, a playwright and former English and drama teacher, has had recurring gigs as Lou, the weatherman and old-movies host on How I Met Your Mother, as well as Mr. Lunt, Will Arnett's private secretary on Running Wilde. His guest-star gigs have included Will & Grace, Brothers & Sisters, Arrested Development and 2 Broke Girls.

Why We Love Him: While the flamboyantly gay BFF has become a TV staple, Morris sidesteps cliché by infusing Mickey with a gentle-giant sweetness and poignant old-soul wisdom. And who doesn't dig his Hollywood success story? When Morris landed a meeting for the premiere season of The Comeback 10 years ago — his first Hollywood audition — he says he was "working for a medical equipment company cleaning oxygen concentrators with three Cambodians." Show cocreator Michael Patrick King, whom Morris had directed in a play back in college, didn't care. "I was looking for someone with life experience more than film experience," King says, "someone strong, loving, protective, hilarious, and genuinely theatrical who didn't seem to be acting. Robert Michael is all that and so much more."

What, Me Worry? Morris doesn't fret about his future in showbiz. "I never planned any of this, so I don't even think about getting acting jobs," he says. "If they call, they call. I sure don't sit on the sidelines waiting to be asked, like a nice little Catholic girl at the dance. I keep myself extremely busy. I've written 91 plays! I love to read. And I always have something to clean."

The Comeback airs Sundays at 10/9c on HBO.

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