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The Challenge: Total Madness Delivers Another Big Game Twist in This Sneak Peek

And maybe some hypothermia

Megan Vick

Just when we think we've got the game on The Challenge: Total Madness figured out, T.J. Lavin shows up and delivers another twist. In TV Guide's exclusive sneak peek of Wednesday's episode, we not only find out what the challenge is this week -- and it's a tough one -- but Lavin reveals that the tribunal isn't limited to three players.

The challenge is called "Cold War" and requires teams of five to play. Three people dive into freezing cold water to unlock puzzle pieces from locked chests at the bottom of the cement pond. Once all the pieces are freed, they'll have to complete a puzzle for time. Meanwhile, the other two members are up on a bridge hacking up ice to send into the opposing team's water, making it even more cold. The winning team will have all five members join the tribunal.

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On any other season, that would be amazing news because that's two extra people to get immunity. However, on Total Madness, the goal is to get into elimination to earn a red skull and passage into Lavin's final. Members of the tribunal get first dibs on whether they want to go into elimination to get their skull, or send someone else down to face whoever the rest of the house nominated. It is a girls elimination week and with five team members, there will absolutely be more than one girl on each team who will have to fight for who gets to go down to Purgatory and earn their skull.

Our clip also reveals that Jordan -- one of the best swimmers in the house -- is already thinking ahead, putting himself on the bridge for the first challenge to hack ice so he's not diving against his fianceé, Tori. Instead, he's hacking ice in hopes of helping her get a win and increase her chances of putting herself in elimination. However, is anyone going to believe that Jordan sucks at breaking up ice when his axe and sledgehammer skills were on full display in War of the Worlds 2? This is a tricky one to throw, but even if it works -- winning would just be the start of Tori's troubles with a jumbo tribunal.

The Challenge: Total Madness airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

​TJ Lavin, The Challenge: Total Madness

TJ Lavin, The Challenge: Total Madness