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The Challenge Exclusive: Who Is Competing in the Next Challenge?

It's not the remaining players

Megan Vick

This season of The Challenge has been one of the most thrilling yet and host TJ Lavin is about to throw the remaining competing members of the "Dirty 30" cast another curveball.

There's a challenge set up for them in Tuesday's all new episode, but they won't be the ones competing in it. TJ explains how the challenge works -- the players have to do whatever it takes to push each other off a small circular platform hanging 20 feet over Bianca Lake -- and then tells them it doesn't matter because they won't be the ones playing. The cast is immediately confused. Who else would come in to do the challenge instead?

Um, if we had to guess, we'd say it's the eight previously eliminated players that have been biding their time and plotting their revenge in the Redemption House since the beginning of the season. Of all the twists "Dirty Thirty" has pulled over the season, this one might be the absolute best.

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The return of the eliminated cast members is good news for one person. Tori, who said goodbye to her boyfriend Derek in episode 2, is probably really stoked to see him have a chance to return to the house. However, the chips on the exiled players' shoulders are going to be a major headache for people like Nelson and Jemmye who were responsible for Tony and Jenna's exits from the game respectively.

When Tony can keep the drinking to a minimum, he's a formidable opponent in this game. Everyone loves to hate on Jenna but she's actually one of the strongest female players and she saved Jemmye from her own stint in the Redemption House after the first challenge. Jemmye deciding to personally split up Jenna and Kailah's alliance is going to bite her in the ass if Jenna -- who is absolutely the strongest of the girls in the Redemption House -- finds her way back into the main competition.

The drama hits the fan on The Challenge: XXX The Dirty 30 on Tuesday at 9/8c on MTV.