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The Carmichael Show Bumps Mass Shooting Episode After Wednesday's Tragedies

The episode will air later this season

Megan Vick

NBC moved The Carmichael Show's "Shoot Up-Able," which dealt with a mass shooting, following the two shootings that occurred in the real world on Wednesday -- one targeting a Republican Congress baseball practice and another shooting with multiple fatalities at a UPS facility in San Francisco.

A lone gunman disgruntled with Donald Trump being elected president took aim at Republican law makers in Virginia on Wednesday morning during a practice for an annual charity baseball game between congressional Republicans and Democrats. Four were injured, including House majority whip Steve Calise, and the suspect has been killed. In San Francisco, three people were killed before the shooter took his life at the UPS facility.

The Carmichael Show Comes Close, but Misses the Point in Its Rape Episode

The Carmichael Show's episode, which was available for critics before it aired, didn't depict an actual shooting, but follows the emotional aftermath of Jerrod (Jerrod Carmichael) being at the mall when a shooter began firing and killed three people. The episode only lightly touches on the political conversation surrounding mass shootings and gun control and focuses more on Jerrod's and his family's reaction to him being in such close proximity to a fatal experience and the tendency for outsiders to make tragic incidences about themselves.

NBC instead aired a different episode of The Carmichael Show, "Lesbian Wedding," which was originally scheduled to air Wednesday, June 28. "Shoot Up-Able" will likely air on that date instead.

Real-world events with eerie similarities can affect network schedules. The Season 1 finale of Mr. Robot was postponed after similarities between a scene and a shooting of a newscaster on camera, Supergirl postponed an episode after a bombing in Paris was deemed too similar to events in the show and Hannibal pulled an episode because it evoked the Sandy Hook massacre.

The Carmichael Show Season 3 is currently airing Wednesday at 9/8c on NBC.