The Season 1 finale of The Bold Type saw Kat (Aisha Dee) taking off to go abroad and meet up with Adena (Nikohl Boosheri) to rekindle their relationship. When Season 2 picks up, we have no doubt that they'll be together and happy, but what comes next for this couple?

If Aisha Dee has her way, Kat and Adena will stay happily ensconced in their honeymoon phase for a good, long while.

"Just seeing Kat and Adena in a happy relationship would be nice, with no countries between them and all those kind of pitfalls," Dee told TV Guide.

Romantic storylines don't usually see clear skies for too long on TV, since conflict and friction is often what creates the best story, but hopefully Kadena gets a little reprieve from the drama. We'd be happy to see them enjoying their whirlwind trip together and ignoring all the trials and tribulations that wait for them back in New York City.

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As for Boosheri, she's hoping to dig a little deeper in those trials and tribulation these women will face not only as a couple but as individuals.

"I hope that we just continue to explore the elements of this relationship that makes it very universal — the navigating the relationship and merging of worlds," Boosheri said. "Those are things that are so relatable, but also making sure to touch on what makes these particular women and their situation different, the specific challenges that they face. Adena is an immigrant; she cannot just come and go as she pleases. Kat is a black woman who's just come out as bisexual--"

"Well, she hasn't labeled herself — no label yet!" Dee chimed in. "I actually would love to get into that now that I think about it... I personally would love to go deeper into who Kat is and how she sees herself and her identity because it was something that didn't happen in Season 1. But I have a lot of faith that we're going to get to do that in Season 2."

The Bold Type Season 2 premieres June 12 on Freeform.

Aisha Dee and Nikohl Boosheri, <em>The Bold Type</em>Aisha Dee and Nikohl Boosheri, The Bold Type