After weeks of speculation and misdirects, The Blacklist finally revealed the truth in its season finale: Liz is alive and well, having been relocated to Cuba by Mr. Kaplan, thus confirming the rumor that Megan Boone's leave of absence was indeed nothing more than a temporary departure due to a real-life maternity leave. But that's not all we learned.

NBC adds The Blacklist spinoff Blacklist: Redemption to lineup.

Since the beginning, fans have assumed Red (James Spader) was Liz's baby daddy. However, we now know that not to be the case, as it is in fact Alexander Kirk. Now we know why Kirk was after Elizabeth in the first place: to bring her into his fold as father and daughter.

In theory, this is something Red knew all along, which makes us curious to know how his knowledge will impact next season once he deals with the betrayal of Mr. Kaplan, who hid Liz from him in the first place.

With one of the show's biggest mysteries solved, a brand new one looms. What are Kirk's plans for Liz? All will hopefully be revealed when the show returns next fall.