The (Tom)cat's out of the bag on The Blacklist: Redemption.

After witnessing Howard (Terry O'Quinn) being taken into custody by Solomon (Edi Gathedi) at the end of last week's episode, Tom (Ryan Eggold) enlists Nez's (Tawny Cypress) help, letting her in on the secret that Howard, her former mentor, is still alive — and finding out that she's back on drugs in the process.

Scottie (Famke Janssen), meanwhile, has Howard holed up in a secure private medical facility called Fairhaven, while she and Solomon scour his apartment for clues as to why he would fake his own death. They don't find much — Howard, perhaps acting on a tip from Tom, burned everything before he was captured. But Scottie says she wants the world to continue thinking Howard's dead, at least until they figure out what's going on.

The Blacklist: Redemption: Famke Janssen says all will be revealed

She does a pretty good job of maintaining the façade, playing the part of the doting, loving wife who's thrilled that her husband's alive when she goes to visit him at Fairhaven. She tells Howard she's determined to get him treatment for his depression, and he responds by telling her he knows what Whitehall is and calling her a "lying bitch."

Nez finds out where Howard's being held, and Tom goes on an ultimately unsuccessful mission to bust him out. Even though their escape is foiled, Tom manages to escape from the guards — but not before he's caught on surveillance cameras outside the hospital.

After Howard's escape attempt, Scottie drops the doting wife act and, while claiming that Howard's depression/paranoia is what's causing him to hate her, gives him a series of painful electrical shocks to try to get him to reveal the name of his associate. She also mentions that the consequences of exposing Whitehall are too big for Howard to comprehend.

Howard refuses to talk, but by this point, Scottie has managed to pull a blurry image from the surveillance footage and gives it to Dumont (Adrian Martinez) to clear up. It's of Tom, of course, and a stammering Dumont interrogates Scottie about whether it's possible she made a mistake.

Clearly shaken by the information, Scottie tells Solomon she has a job for him: to "eliminate" Tom, the mole that Howard has sent to infiltrate Halcyon. After giving the order, she goes back to Fairhaven to confront Howard, who merely starts chuckling when he hears about the hit Scottie's ordered on Tom. When she asks him what's so funny, Howard drops the bombshell that Scottie's never going to have Tom killed because he's her son, and "the only decent person in our family."

At first, Scottie accuses him of lying, but when Howard points out a couple of things — how Scottie inexplicably felt so comfortable around Tom, how Tom reminded her of Howard — she starts to believe him. Fortunately, even though Solomon has Tom in his crosshairs, he hasn't yet pulled the trigger (Nez keeps getting in the way), so he gets the phone call from Scottie just in the nick of time. However, even though Scottie's not going to kill Tom (for now), he should probably still watch his back: before he lowers his weapon, Solomon makes it clear to Scottie that he believes there's only one proper way to deal with a mole.

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