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The Blacklist: Redemption's First Two Minutes Prove Scottie Is More Sadistic Than Red Reddington

Does Tom know what he's in for?

Liz Raftery

If you thought Red Reddington was the most sadistic person Tom Keen would ever come across, think again.

NBC has released the first two minutes of the Blacklist spin-off The Blacklist: Redemption, which premieres Thursday (Feb. 23), and if the clip is any indication, Tom's (Ryan Eggold) mother/new boss Scottie Hargrave (Famke Janssen) is cut from the same cloth as Red (James Spader) -- but she might be even more twisted.

We know what you're thinking: How is that even possible? Well, in the opening minutes of the new series, we see Scottie torturing a would-be informant in what appears to be a cargo plane, in order to get the name of someone who kidnapped a woman and her son.

Here's what to expect from The Blacklist: Redemption

"You should know, I have anger issues," Scottie warns her prisoner in the clip. "My therapist says it's because I have no coping mechanism."

Scottie sends the man careening towards the open door of the plane. But it's actually a twist at the end of the sneak peek that proves just how, well, twisted Scottie really is -- and how much fun it's going to be to watch her in action. We're already hoping for a crossover that will see her and Red facing off.

The Blacklist: Redemption premieres Thursday at 10/9c on NBC, immediately following the winter finale of The Blacklist.