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The Blacklist: Redemption Finale Sets the Stage for Season 2

Tom has unfinished business

Liz Raftery

Just when he thought he was out...

Thursday's finale of The Blacklist: Redemptionput the pieces in place for a second season of the Blacklistspin-off, should NBC decide to order one.

With the help of his son Tom (Ryan Eggold), Howard Hargrave (Terry O'Quinn) successfully organized a coup to oust his ex-wife Scottie (Famke Janssen) from his company, Halcyon, and moved into her executive office while Scottie adjusted to her new digs -- behind bars!

In the episode, Tom ignores one final plea from Scottie, in which she tries to tell him that, having observed how much she grieved for her son, Christopher, he couldn't possibly believe that she was the evildoer Howard was making her out to be. But Tom isn't having it, and watches as Scottie's arrested on charges of kidnapping and false imprisonment.

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Those accusations, of course, come after Howard got the the quantum computing expert Richard Whitehall (Clarke Peters) to tell Halcyon's board of directors that Scottie was holding him against her will.

But as it turns out, Scottie was telling the truth the whole time, and Howard's endgame all along was to get his hands on Whitehall's quantum computing protocol so that he could... do something terrible, probably.

Famke Janssen, Edi Gathegi, The Blacklist: Redemption
NBC, Jeff Neuman/NBC

Things start to get fishy when Scottie and Solomon (Edi Gathegi) seek shelter in a pharmaceutical lab whose boss greets Scottie by name and show her a bunch of work orders she's allegedly signed in recent weeks for an ominous-looking machine called the Whitehall Prototype. But she seems to have no idea who he is and says the orders are falsified.

After Scottie's arrested, authorities interrogate Whitehall, Kat (Theodora Miranne) and Dumont (Adrian Martinez) about unexplained financial transactions that turned up in an internal investigation of Halcyon's bookkeeping. Kat -- who's shown in a flash-forward at the beginning of the episode running, bloodied, through the streets of New York with a thumb drive -- notices something fishy about the times of the transactions: they all happened when she was with Trevor (Dan Amboyer). After she's released from the interrogation room, she pulls up the records on her computer and downloads them to said thumb drive before confronting Trevor and accusing him of working for Howard, who used him to get close to Scottie.

Trevor confirms her suspicions and stabs her twice with an ice pick before she smashes his head in and runs out of the room. Her destination? Tom's apartment, where he's on the phone with Liz while packing for his flight that departs in two hours, excited about coming home for Agnes' first birthday that weekend. Oh, and he's invited Howard to come to his granddaughter's princess-themed party as well.

Tom chuckles about Liz's "What could go wrong?" reaction when he first told her he was going on his Big Apple adventure, but then opens the door to a slumping Kat, who hands him the thumb drive and tells him it was Howard all along before collapsing.

And speaking of Howard, the last we see of him, he's at the pharma lab with all the technicians who pretended to know Scottie before. One of them is Whitehall, who gazes lovingly at his prototype and tells Howard it's "operational."

So, will Tom stay put in New York City? Did Kat gather enough evidence to oust Howard -- and is she alive? Will Scottie ever forgive Tom? All questions that could potentially be answered in Season 2 of The Blacklist: Redemption. As Howard tells Tom, "This isn't the end, you know. This is just the beginning."

The Blacklist returns next Thursday at 9/8c on NBC.