This week's episode of The Blacklist, "The Endling," has a fun twist. So much of the show takes place at the Post Office, but some of the action in this episode takes place in an actual post office.

In this exclusive clip, Red (James Spader) pays a visit to his local post office and spots his own wanted poster on the wall. He gets a little playful with the woman in line behind him, and says he's seen that guy before.

"So have I," she says. He asks where, and she says "In my dreams. I have a weakness for bad boys." Heyo!

Then Red gets down to the task at hand. Like dogs and Jerry Seinfeld, Red's mortal enemy is the mailman (Kevin Can Wait's Lenny Venito). Previously, some goons came to the house where he's staying and tried to kill him. Red got the better of them and tied them up, and they told him the mailman sent them.

"Imagine my surprise when I realized they meant an actual mailman," Red murmurs when he spots his suspect.

The mailman pleads ignorance and tries to sell him some Calvin and Hobbes stamps. Red realizes that the mailman really doesn't know who he is, which makes the mystery of why he sent some guys to kill him even more mysterious.

The Blacklist: What Does Red Know About Ressler?

Tune in to find out what exactly the mailman is up to on Wednesday, Oct. 18 at 8/7c on NBC.