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This Wardrobe Clue on The Blacklist Will Show Aram Has Recovered From Losing Samar

Amir Arison breaks down the events of 'Olivia Olson'

Liam Mathews

Season 6, Episode 15 of The Blacklist found Aram (Amir Arison) dealing with the emotional fallout of his fiancée Samar (Mozhan Marnò) leaving him. At first, he handled it very poorly, which, since this is The Blacklist, meant that he took $60 million of Raymond Reddington's (James Spader) money hostage until Red brought him to wherever the criminal mastermind helped Samar flee to. Aram displaced his anger onto Red, but Red managed to help him understand that Samar did what she had to do to protect Aram from the Mossad assassins pursuing her. Even though Aram wished he could take care of her as her health deteriorated, he finally came to accept that joining her would mean they would both be killed, and the best thing he could do would be to stay away from her and devote himself to his work once again. It was an emotional roller coaster ride shared by two characters who rarely, if ever, get any one-on-one time together.

Arison says working so closely with James Spader was "an absolute dream come true."

"It's a rare treat for me as an actor to get to spend that much time working opposite James," Arison told TV Guide. "And in the same way, for Aram, it's often a real sort of dangerous thrill to be in the presence of Raymond Reddington."

The Blacklist Continues to Make Us Wait for Answers

What really made this interaction different than usual was that Aram wasn't afraid of Red this week, Arison said. The worst fear of his life had come true, so he had nothing left to lose, and he used a leverage technique he learned from Reddington himself against him. But Reddington saw that Aram was just acting out of hurt, not malice, and guided Aram to revelations that he can't give up his work on the task force, which he loves doing and which saves lives, and that Samar's burden was too heavy for her to take on any more. "It's almost like Samar and Aram both selflessly wanted to give up of themselves for the other, and it really is the final act of selfless love to let her go," Arison said. "And it really took a number of scenes for the character of Raymond Reddington to convince Aram of that. It was gradual, and it was earned, and I just thought it was handled masterfully by the writers in a way that you couldn't predict, but honored all three characters' points of view."

In the episode's final scene, Aram returned to his apartment and found a camera the spies following Samar had placed there to watch them, and he defiantly told them, "She's gone." And then, having said it, it hit him, and he quietly repeated, "She's really gone."

"I think one of the ways he's going to process this going forward is to bury himself in his work and dedicate himself to the task force," Arison said. He also said that Aram will express his grief through his wardrobe. "He often wears purples and pinks, and they're not going to be bright right away," he said. So when you see Aram wearing bright colors again, you'll know he's back to being himself.

As far as Samar returning at some point down the line, Arison said he has no idea. "You never know with The Blacklist," he said. "She's not dead, so I don't put anything past the writers, but I honestly don't know if she were to come back, what kind of mental state would she be in." She wouldn't be the Samar we know and love, and she might not even remember Aram. "But obviously, Mozhan is an incredible actress, so it would be great to have her back, but I genuinely don't know what will happen," Arison said. (After last week's episodes, Marnò posted a farewell message on Instagram.)

Arison has no theory about where Samar is hiding, either. "She's in the Red Reddington Bermuda Triangle," he said with a laugh. "I have no idea."

The Blacklist airs Fridays at 9/8c on NBC.

Amir Arison, The Blacklist

Amir Arison, The Blacklist

NBC, Scott Gries/NBC