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The Big Bang Theory: Meet Nightmare Puppet Tammy Jo St. Cloud

Bernadette revealed her secret skill as a ventriloquist in "The Cognition Regeneration"

Liam Mathews

The Big Bang Theory has been on for a long time -- 10 seasons and counting -- but it still finds new facets to its characters. For example, in "The Cognition Regeneration," we learned that Bernadette (Melissa Rauch) is a ventriloquist.

Bernie had been making fun of Howard (Simon Helberg) for his dorky interests like card tricks and juggling all episode, but then Howard turned the tables by paying a visit to her mother to find out what hobbies she had as a kid. He met her old friend Tammy Jo St. Cloud.


Tammy Jo St. Cloud is a ventriloquist dummy with a South Carolinian accent. When Bernadette was in beauty pageants as a kid, she needed a talent other than spreading rumors that that the other contestants were pregnant, so she got Tammy.

Howard suggested that since Bernie enjoyed getting rid of his stuff, maybe they should throw Tammy Jo in the woodchipper.

But Tammy Jo's not going out like that. She's been locked up for 25 years, and now that she's free and back with Bernie, she's going to haunt Howard like a vengeful ghost.


Howard wishes he hadn't awakened this little wooden monster. She's creepy, and she's going to make his life very uncomfortable.


If Tammy Jo ever shows up again, hopefully it will be for an episode called "The Ventriloquism Exorcism."

The Big Bang Theory airs Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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