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The Best 50 CW Ships of All Time, Ranked

Who wins the title of best CW ship of all time?

Lindsay MacDonald

The CW may be best known for its superheroes, vampires, crazy ex-girlfriends, and more, but the one thing we love most about the network is the epic romances that have come out of its shows over the years. In fact, there are so many amazing love stories on The CW, we had a pretty tough time picking our favorites!

Over the past 10 years since the launch of The CW, the young adult network established itself as a home for young, fun, and seriously sexy TV, where romance is never hard to find. Some of the ships from these shows made us fall in love at first sight, while others snuck up on us out of nowhere (lookin' at you Bughead), but the point is, these characters sent us spiraling into a mess of feels every time they shared the screen.

From Klaroline to Clexa, TV Guide picked out some of the greatest ships to ever grace The CW screen and then ranked them, because let's be honest, everything is a competition -- even love.

Check out where your favorite ship fell on our list in the gallery below!

Best 50 CW Ships

Best 50 CW Ships