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Is The Bachelorette giving away too much about upcoming episodes in its promos?

Spoiler alert, alert! In recent weeks, ABC's dating competition has been stealing its own thunder by revealing future story lines in previews of upcoming episodes. Case in point: When the July 12 rose ceremony came down to Frank and Kirk, it was tough to drum up any tension — considering we've already been bombarded with clips of Frank telling Ali "We need to talk" during the final trip to Tahiti. What gives?

According to executive producer Mike Fleiss, the aggressive promos are just an attempt to stay ahead of the curve, since so much plot info has been leaked to tabloids of late — seemingly an inside job. Not to worry, though — Fleiss says he's on the hunt for the mole, and "I'm going to rain holy s--t on that person when I find out who it is." 

(Additional reporting by Carita Rizzo)

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