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The Bachelor Winter Games Finale Sent Ashley I. to the Fantasy Suite

Did she and Kevin seal the deal?

Liam Mathews

"Are there fantasy suites?"

That was the question Ashley Iaconetti asked Chris Harrison early in The Bachelor Winter Games' season finale, which was a surprise, considering the source. Ashley, after all, is a virgin, and everyone knows what goes on in the fantasy suite -- the first chance for couples to talk without cameras around. And also sex.

It's a little weird to discuss a grown woman's choice to have sex or not, but Ashley's virginity has been a big part of her story since we first met her on Chris Soules' season three years ago. She brought it up, so we have to talk about it.

The 29-year-old virgin has been waiting for the right person, and she may have found him in Kevin, the hunky Canuck who she described as a cross between Tom Brady and James Marsden. The answer to her question was "yes," and so they took some time to get closer. All the remaining couples had fantasy suite dates, but none of them had as much at stake. After all, the longer you wait, the bigger deal it becomes. During their date, they talked about why she's waited this long, and she said that she's answered the question about waiting to find the right person so many times. It turns out she was waiting for Kevin. We saw those happy tears she promised.

They went into the room and drew the curtains.

Ashley Iaconetti and Kevin Wendt, The Bachelor Winter Games

Ashley Iaconetti and Kevin Wendt, The Bachelor Winter Games

Lorenzo Bevilaqua, ABC

The morning after, they talked about how much they talked last night. "So many conversations!" Then she said that her virginity has been talked about so much that now she's done. She's going to keep what did or didn't happen in the fantasy suite between her and Kevin.

She elaborated on her decision to keep it private in an interview with Us Weekly. "Just because I've been public about it in the past, doesn't mean that I can't make something private once somebody else is associated in that topic of my life." Fair point!

Kevin and Ashley were named champions of The Bachelor Winter Games. They received golden roses. She declared herself a "Bachelor success story." Fourth time is the charm!

The Bachelor Winter Games' Ashley Iaconetti Says Arie Isn't Boring, He's Misunderstood

In the interview Ashley also confirmed that she and Kevin are still together. They're long distance for now, but he's thinking about moving to Los Angeles. On The World Tells All reunion special, she said that she hoped she set an example for girls that it's okay to wait to find someone for whom they have a mutual respect and feel comfortable with. And they still kept what happened in the fantasy suite private.

Fourth time is the charm for Ashley I.! Hopefully, we never see her on a Bachelor show again because she doesn't have to do it.