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The Bachelor Winter Games: Is Dean Back to His Old Ways?

He might be as noncommittal as ever, or he might really be into Lesley

Liam Mathews

The Bachelor Winter Gamesis supposed to be Dean Unglert's redemption. He became Bachelor Nation's public enemy #1 last summer when he strung Kristina and Danielle L. during and after Bachelor in Paradise. His commitment to having his cake (Kristina) and eating it too (D.Lo) marked him as a textbook f---boy.

But in the second episode of Bachelor Olympics, Dean seemed to be backsliding. After being hot 'n heavy with Lesley Murphy early on, he got "standoffish" during the speed-skating day, which he won and got a date card. Lesley was annoyed with him for not talking to her all day. And fans on Twitter were like "Lesley, girrrrrl, this is what he does!"

Even his body language was the same.

But here's the thing: Kristina was 24. Lesley is 30. She has more experience dealing with the Deans of the world. And just had a preemptive double mastectomy. She's not here to mess around, and she told Dean that she wanted more from him.

People were really like "Girl, run away!"

But she forced him to "man up" and ask her on a date. And they went, and they had a nice time tubing. Then they had a real conversation. "I want a guy who can go below the surface and not just be a pretty face," she told him. He said he doesn't want to move too quickly, because last time he moved too quickly bad things happened. Just ask Kristina about that. But at least he's only interested in Lesley. That's a big difference. If she's willing to hold Dean's hand as he steps into adulthood, maybe this could work.

She wants to "throw caution to the wind and just go with it," though. So if she gets hurt, that's her part in it. He told her he wanted to take it slow! But the onus is on Dean with this one. You got a good thing here, buddy. Hopefully you hold onto it this time. He gave "Lesley Anne Murphy" his rose.

The Bachelor Winter Games has two more episodes to go, Tuesday and Thursday at 8/7c on ABC.