The Bachelor kicked off its 21st season on Monday, with disappointment expert Nick Viall finally getting a chance to find love on his own terms (as much as it can be on his own terms within the framework of The Bachelor, of course).

Twenty-two women remain after the first night's rose ceremony, and chances are one of them will end the show as Nick's fiancée. Already some frontrunners have emerged — will it be Rachel, the brilliant attorney who got the first impression rose? Will it be the nefarious Corinne, who's making aggressive moves to get Nick's attention? What about Danielle L., who was first out of the limo?

Or will it be no one? Nick has been shot down during his proposal more than once, so it wouldn't be out of character for him to get turned down once again.

Let us know who you think will get the final rose, and check back for the results after next week's episode.

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