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The Bachelor Episode 6 Recap: Tammy and Mykenna Didn't Expect the Surprise Two-on-One

Peter's finally over the drama

Liam Mathews

Night two of The Bachelor's midseason takeover of ABC's entire schedule continued with Peter Weber and the gals heading to Santiago, Chile, where Tammy and Mykenna went to war. Their conflict started in Monday's episode, and escalated into an impromptu two-on-one in Wednesday's episode.

The episode started with the girls bickering over Mykenna's selfish reaction to not getting time with Peter -- creating a mini-cocktail party for herself before the rose ceremony, as if she was the only one who didn't get time with him -- before Peter interrupted to take Hannah Ann on a date.

I guess I forgot that Hannah Ann hadn't already had a date, since she feels like one of Peter's favorites. Hannah Ann's age became a talking point (she's 23), and she said she hasn't been in love before, she might not be ready to commit. But they have chemistry, and this not being in love storyline felt forced. She hasn't been in love YET. Very easy to append that onto the end there. She hadn't met the right guy, but she's falling for Peter, she could very easily say, and was obviously about to. Peter started to struggle with not feeling like there was enough of a deep connection, and stepped outside to think about it. Hannah Ann went out to talk to him, turned on the waterworks about how hard The Process has been for her. "This is what I wanted to see from you," Peter said. I guess someone told Peter that tears are a sign of love, and if she doesn't cry, she doesn't care? It was very weird. She told him she was falling in love with him, as The Process required at that moment. It felt poorly scripted.

Back at the hotel, the girls found out that Victoria F. would be getting a second one-on-one date before some of them had gotten one, and Mykenna in particular took it hard. She said she had to go and started to pack her bags.

The next day, they went for the group date, which was acting in a fake telenovela called El Amor de Pedro. Mykenna got cast as the maid, which she said she could relate to, because she was just in the background without Peter noticing her in real life, too. Everyone had on sexy costumes, except Kelley, who was supposed to have the comically unattractive role as Pedro's abuelita, but putting her in the wig and big glasses backfired, because Kelley was a GILF. She improvised and started hitting on him. "I'm just gonna say incest is best on this one," she laughed. Kelley is fun! Throughout it all, Mykenna whined in ITMs about Peter not noticing her.

During the group date cocktail party Victoria P. tried to get her stalled relationship with Peter back on track, but Peter told her that it seemed like she was more secure in their relationship than he was, and he didn't think he could see her as his wife. Damn, a group date elimination out of nowhere!

During the cocktail party, Mykenna was acting like she was having a great time, which rubbed Tammy the wrong way, because Mykenna packed her bags the day before, and Tammy has appointed herself the house's character assassin. She started going after Mykenna for being "immature," just like she went after Kelsey for being "emotionally unstable" and "an alcoholic" before. Tammy seems nasty! Just tearing people down instead of focusing on her foundering relationship with Peter! Classic way to get airtime on The Bachelor. It's bad airtime, but it's airtime. Madison got the group date rose.

Victoria F. got her second date of the season. Bad timing for Victoria, because people are not rooting for her this week. She got her Cosmo cover taken away because she modeled clothing that was making a racist joke. She and Peter had a nicer time on this date because her ex-boyfriend wasn't there, but she still got negative, crying over feeling insecure about Peter's relationships with the other girls and how she wasn't sure if she could do it. He asked her if she felt like she needed to go now, because he didn't want to get deep into it with her only to have her not be able to commit. For the first time, I started to feel like Peter was starting to tire of her downer personality.

During dinner, Peter told her he asked her on this second date because he wanted to spend time with her, because he feels like there's really something there between them, but her doubt today hurt him. He pointed out that she's sabotaging herself. She said she's not good at showing emotion and maybe she's not cut out for this and maybe he'd be happier with someone else who can. He was like "Stop," and she got upset and snapped at him and walked away, and complained about herself to a producer. "She's not ready," Peter said to his producer. "This is the most I've ever tried with anybody," Victoria cried. It shows, Victoria! She's clearly not used to putting effort into things, and she doesn't like it!

She came back and said "I don't know why I'm acting like this." She admitted she has no self-awareness about her own issues. She might just not be able to admit that she's just not that into Peter. Her reactions are giving her away. He told her that no other woman has given him this much grief, but he cares about her so much, and will she accept this rose? "Of course," she vocal-fried unenthusiastically. If she actually liked Peter, she would smiled more or seemed happy or something, you know?

Back at the hotel, there was a knock on the door. It was a date card summoning Tammy and Mykenna for a two-on-one before the rose ceremony. "Enough is enough," it said. I don't know, did Peter even really know that Tammy and Mykenna had been having enough conflict to warrant "enough is enough?" It really only started in earnest this episode.

While they were waiting for Peter, Mykenna told Tammy "kindness wins, love wins," and she should stop trying to bring people down. Tammy said nothing. Peter arrived, and said he had questions about what was going on between the two of them, and he just wanted to get to the bottom of it so they could all move on. He pulled Tammy aside first, and she told him that Mykenna was just on the show to build her brand, and she packed her bags before the last group date. Mykenna was taking it lightly, she said, and Tammy was taking it seriously. "Where do you see us?" Peter said, in a tone that said "We are not on the same page here." She said she still saw a lot potential if they could get back on track. In her ITMs, Tammy talked about how she wasn't going to go home, and no blonde girl from Canada was going to stop her from getting what she wanted. Tammy doesn't want love, she just wants to compete.

When he talked to Mykenna, he told her Tammy told him she was "about hashtags." Mykenna says "damn" as a modifier too much. "I'm telling my damn truth." In her ITM, she said she wasn't going to give up, because she believed in her and Peter's love. These girls all seem kinda delusional. They sat down on the couch and had one last half-hearted go at each other, but they couldn't muster up the energy to even raise their voices. Then Peter came in and told them he believed Mykenna, and sent Tammy home. "Sometimes spoiled children get what they want," Tammy said about Mykenna as the limo took her to the airport. Miserable.

Then after all that, they still had to have a cocktail party with the remaining girls! Peter told Natasha, his audience surrogate, that he doesn't like drama. Peter, we know that's not true! Victoria F. apologized for being so annoying the day before. There were only three roses to give out during the ceremony, and Peter gave them to Kelsey, Natasha, and Kelley. So Mykenna went through an impromptu two-on-one only to not get a rose. Now that's a twist! That's some ice cold execution, Peter! And Sydney got eliminated, too, which means that the only drama-makers left are Kelsey and Victoria. Whew! Things are gonna get better from here on out.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. Episodes are available to stream on Hulu the following day.