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The Bachelor Episode 9 Recap: Fantasy Suites Put Madi and Peter in Quite the Emotional Pickle

Nobody's wrong here, you know?

Liam Mathews

Peter Weber took two of his three remaining ladies to the Fantasy Suites on The Bachelor this week, and it was the moment of truth for Madison "Madiprew" Prewett. It was quite a dilemma for both of them, because both of them were right, but we'll get to that later.

The episode picked up right from last week's cliffhanger in the airplane hangar, with Madi pulling Peter aside after the rose ceremony. She was having a really hard time starting the conversation, because what she had to say was very serious -- that it would be very hard for her to continue her relationship with Peter if he slept with either of the other women in the fantasy suites. He said it wouldn't be fair to other the women to make that promise. She seemed to know that what she was asking for was not something she could get an answer for at this time, but she had to say it, even if it wasn't fully rational for the situation, because it was eating her alive. Peter tried to reassure her that he was crazy about her, but in his ITM he was frustrated, because Madison hadn't told him she loved him. Madison's ultimatum of "I can't be with you if you're going to sleep with other people" would be reasonable in the real world, but we're in Bachelor World.

Then it was off to Gold Coast, Australia, a "romantic place to fall in love," according to Peter. Shoutout to my beautiful podcast A Beautiful Podcast to Fall in Love, which is named after that stock Bachelor phrase which means a trip is being paid for by the tourism department. The ladies were dismayed to discover that they all would be staying together in the same apartment during Fantasy Suite week. The show had never done this extremely disrespectful arrangement before, and it was clearly meant to drive Madison insane.

Peter took Hannah Ann on the first date. She and Peter rode Jet Skis in the jetty with some guy who looked like Rocco Siffredi. Peter told her he was falling in love with her. But who cares? No one wanted to see Peter and Hannah Ann be boring right now. I wish there was a fast forward function for live TV.

The show knew it wasn't the good stuff, because it only showed us a few minutes before cutting to Madi and Victoria talking about Madi's emotional situation. Big mistake on Madi's part to let Victoria know her actual emotional state. Victoria will surely use that against her somehow. But hold up, check out what happened in the commercial break. I will look into The Bachelor Senior for you, TV Guide reader!

Hannah Ann and Peter chose to forgo their separate rooms. Back at the house, Madi and Victoria talked about how weird and hard to think about that was. You know Madi's getting the last date after running every possible scenario her mind could conjure up. That very suggestive shadow of the hand pressed against the frosted glass door? That was in Madi's head.

The next morning, Hannah Ann came back and would not talk about her and Peter's date at all. It was the right move, but it was super awkward.

When Victoria arrived for her date with Peter, he told her that he trusted her and cared about her and wanted to move on after their disastrous hometown date where Peter learned that Victoria allegedly broke up relationships, they fought, and he left before meeting her family. They went for a helicopter ride, and Victoria seemed to enjoy it. She was being positive and warm for a change. They managed to have a conversation about what happened and their future without getting into a fight about it. Then they made out at the top of a waterfall. Peter is completely delusional with respect to Victoria because he's so physically attracted to her.

Back at the hotel, Madi told Hannah Ann that she wouldn't be able to continue if Peter slept with her and/or Victoria, and Hannah Ann was blown away. Madi knew what she signed up for, Hannah said in an ITM.

During dinner, Victoria said they need to talk about communication some more, and she tried to explain why she is the way she is. It was because in her previous relationship, her boyfriend never asked how she was feeling, so whenever Peter does, it makes her defensive. Peter pressed harder, asking her why she felt like that, and she said she felt like she wasn't good enough. Why didn't you feel like you were good enough, he asked, and then she got defensive, whining that she didn't know what he wanted her to say. But he was very patient and sweet with her, and looked her in the eyes and told her to stay with him, he was asking because he really wanted to know and she calmed down. It was genuinely a nice moment, and it made me like Peter more than I have in weeks. They chose to forgo their separate rooms, and Victoria told Peter she was falling in love with him. She cried in her ITM when talking about what a good person Peter is.

The next morning, they felt great. Victoria told Peter that she was falling in love with him before, but after last night she was in love with him. Peter's in danger, man. He's still very into Victoria.

She went back to the AirBnB and told Hannah Ann and Madi that her date with Peter was "productive." Madi could only take it for two seconds before she had to leave the room and go worry on the balcony.

It was finally time for Madi's date. They climbed up a terrifying staircase on the outside of a skyscraper. It was making me as anxious as Madi imagining Peter having sex with Victoria.

Back at the hotel, Hannah Ann and Victoria talked about how Madi didn't tell Peter she was saving herself for marriage, and instead told Peter that she wouldn't be able to stay with Peter if he was intimate with the other women. Victoria really didn't like it. She didn't think it was fair for Madi to give him an ultimatum. "That's so annoying," she fumed.

Madi's heart was racing as she arrived for dinner with Peter. She had a lot to talk about, and she knew it wasn't going to be easy. Peter was anxious, too, because he knew he had to be clear and honest with Madi about where he was at with what she told him after the rose ceremony. She said she didn't mean to come off like she was giving him an ultimatum that night, so now she really had to be honest with him about who she was.

She told him she was saving herself for marriage. She knew she that wasn't his path, but it was important to her. He said he didn't feel that way, but maybe they could work it out even if they didn't share this particular value. He wasn't hearing her that him sleeping with the other women was a dealbreaker, and when she said it, he was like, "uh-oh." He asked her if she was really willing to throw away a future with him over something that happened this week. She didn't want details, but she needed to know. "I have been intimate, and I can't lie to you about that," he said. He could see the two of them together at the end of the journey, but coming into this week, he could see it with the others, too.

It's tough, because neither of them are wrong. Madi is perfectly justified in not wanting Peter to be with other women, even if she is on a show that's literally about one man dating 30 women. Peter is also justified in being torn between three women and wanting to explore all facets of a relationship with them. Their value systems being this far out of alignment seems like it will be hard to overcome, though. Peter did basically just admit to Madi she wasn't his number one, because if she was, he would have prioritized her feelings and done what she asked.

She was mad, and excused herself. He followed her out onto the balcony, and held her and whispered that he was sorry. "I hate this situation right now," he said. "I know how tough this is for you. I can't lose you." Peter is such a people-pleaser! Madi told him she couldn't change. She knows who she is and what she stands for, and she can't change. Good for her. Peter was devastated. He didn't want to lose her. He was so sorry to be in this situation. He cried more than he had all season. She walked away. They did not choose to forgo their separate rooms.

Next week, we'll see the rose ceremony, and if Madi shows up for it, followed by the Women Tell All. It'll be intense for sure.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. Episodes are available to stream on Hulu the following day.