With The Bachelor returning for its 21st season on Jan. 2, it's time now to get to know the 30 women who will be competing this year (we already know more than enough about this season's Bachelor/two-time The Bachelorette runner-up Nick Viall).

Earlier today, we examined their jobs to predict who might win. Now, we're looking at their bios on ABC.com — not to make any predictions, but just to get acquainted. The format is emailed responses to stock questions, and this group of contestants, as always, gives some amazing answers.

<em>The Bachelor</em>The Bachelor

Here are the 10 biggest takeaways from the bios:

1. They all have similar tastes in pop culture
Multiple women listed Titanic, The Little Mermaid, A Walk to Remember, Scandal, The Real Housewives, Zoolander and Step Brothers among their favorite things to watch. Corinne, a 24-year-old from Miami, has the most interesting taste: she says Frasier is her guilty pleasure TV show, which is not a show I've ever heard categorized as a guilty pleasure before. Somewhere out there Kelsey Grammer is sighing.

2. They want to be dolphins
When asked which animal they would be, Angela, Astrid, Briana and Lauren all said "dolphin," as did aspiring dolphin trainer Alexis, who had to. Alexis also said she'd like to be a dog, which undermines her dolphin obsession.

3. The most outrageous thing they've done is move
Five women said moving far from home is the craziest thing they've ever done — though Sarah said it was either that or going on this show, which shows Sarah has some degree of self-awareness.

4. Two of them have sad stories
Danielle M.'s fiancé passed away, and Kristina had an alcoholic mother who gave her up for adoption. These are painful things to go through, and you know The Bachelor is going to play up the sad angles for these contestants.

5. Jasmine G. is the cooler Jasmine
There are two Jasmines. Jasmine G. is a dancer for a pro-basketball squad from San Francisco who wants to eat pizza with RuPaul, Prince and Dave Chappelle and considers herself the female Guy Fieri. I want to hang out with Jasmine G.

6. Vanessa seems weird
The Quebecois of this season's token Canadians says if she were a vegetable, she'd be "An onion because they're a stable item and can be found all year round."

7. Raven seems...hmmm
The dark-haired Arkansian says her favorite actor is "Brittany Murphy (when she was alive)." Apparently she does not care for Brittany Murphy's posthumous body of work.

8. Alexis is the funny one
The aspiring dolphin trainer is most afraid of "E.T. the alien," which isn't even the correct way to refer to the extraterrestrial. Alexis has already made me laugh out loud twice today.

9. Dominique loves Chipotle
Two of her answers mention the burrito chain. Dominique is #basic.

10. Whitney still goes to Blockbuster
The Pilates instructor likes to rent movies at home. Maybe if she marries Nick he'll share his Netflix login with her and she won't have to deal with late fees anymore.

The Bachelor premieres Monday, Jan. 2 at 8/7c on ABC.